Youtube (or any audio/video) Control

I play most of my time alone with YouTube videos or online lessons. I love my Vidami pedal that allows me to loop, slow down, fast forward and rewind online videos. It would be awesome to have a bank in my MC8 that would allow me to perform these functions. I would just like to streamline my setup and reduce the amount of items on my floor.

I believe youtube control is done via keystrokes, which is what you can program the MC8 to send.

YouTube keyboard shortcuts

  • Pause/Play the video: Spacebar or K
  • Mute/Unmute the video: M
  • Skip 5 seconds forward/back in a video: Left/Right arrows
  • Skip 10 seconds forward in a video: J
  • Skip 10 seconds back in a video: L
  • Skip to the next frame when the video is paused: Comma “,”
  • Skip to the previous frame when the video is paused: Period “.”
  • Speed up/slow down video playback: < or >
  • Skip to the first or last seconds of a video: Home or End key on the seekbar
  • Increase/Decrease video volume by 5%: Up/Down arrows
  • Skip to a different point in the video: 0-9 on the seekbar

Source: 17 Essential YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts to Use While Watching

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This is great! I am about to do a ton with this. The issue I am having it the slow down function with the hot key <. I am setting my keystrokes for shift + comma, but it doesn’t seem to work, any ideas for this one?

This should work:

I’m getting the < key with this. Is your MC8 running the latest v3.9.7 firmware?

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Solved: your suggested command is correct for almost everyone. There is an issue for me though.

For some reason, my computer reads my keystrokes for that one command differently. I have to use the other greater/less then symbol then what is in the standard YouTube hot keys.

My guess is that this happens because I have an extension to run my Vidami pedal too control videos in my browser. This could have an effect on hot keys layout, although I am not sure

You can try using a keyboard checker like this to see exactly what keys are being triggered:

Is there some way to loop a Youtube video … between two arbitrary points in time?

I think that capability might need to be part of some (chrome) plugin. I looked around a while back and none of the plugins I tried work. I’m guessing that YouTube keeps on changing the player in ways that break this undocumented behavior.