Worship Pedalboard

SimpleWay Guitar Buffer (At the bottom) - MXR Super Comp - POG - Emerson EM Drive - Volume - Mobius - TimeLine - BigSky - Iridium - SimpleWay J2 (Stereo DI-Box (At the bottom))
P.S. MIDI has not been connected yet. I’m waiting for patches. I’ll post the finished board later.


Looks great! What patch cables are you using? I need to upgrade the cabling on my worship pedalboard but want very low profile.

Hi! This is a Russian “Lex Cable” private company. These are solderless patches. They have the most compact patches in Russia, and maybe even in the world. But now he has closed the company. I will change these patches for others. I will order from “Big Foot”. This is also a Russian private company.