Wondering how I can add titles to PC Number Scroll?

I am using the MC3 to scroll through presets on my wampler terraform and my source audio collider. I wish that using the PC Number Scroll, I could have a name for the preset instead of numbers. Like preset “1” I could change to “Shimmer” or something like that. It would take a lot of guess work out if someone has lots of presets. Is this already possible?

That’s not possible yet. In the next firmware we’ll work on a Preset Rename message type to let you use a command to rename the preset temporarily. The limitation in the current architecture is that it is only going to be 4 characters, but that should hopefully suffice in providing some clarify on the preset status.

Here’s an example of how it might work:

Msg5 is telling the preset to scroll through 2 messages each time. So on the first release, PC#0 gets sent (Msg1), and the preset name display is now SHIM (Msg2). Next release will be PC#1 and DIST.

Hope that makes sense?