Wirelessly powering MC8

Hi All,

I am trying to implement a completely wireless setup. I tried powering my MC8 from a battery bank via the USB port. However, it seems to randomly cut out/restart every now and again.
I’m guessing it’s because the battery bank can’t supply the peak current that the MC8 requires.

What specs would the battery bank need to power the MC8 without it cutting out? Do you have any recommendations of battery banks that I could use?
I’d also like to power my line 6 G30 receiver and TC electronic polytune from the battery bank as well, so it would be great if the battery bank would be able to power them as well.

Any recommendations would be great!! :metal:


I use a Jackery Titan battery bank and WIDI Master wireless MIDI to do what you’re proposing and it works well. As for the battery cutting out, often these power bank devices have circuitry that powers down after a period of time if the current draw falls too low. In those cases, your MC8 isn’t drawing enough power and the battery bank thinks nothing is connected. It seems more likely that this is happening than the battery bank not providing enough current (though I may be wrong).

I believe (it’s been awhile) the Jackery Titan provides up to 20100 mAh of current @5V, and the MC8 draws 120mA@9V max. In theory a few days worth of power running constantly. In reality, I rarely charge the thing up. I could get 4 or 5 3-4 hour shows out of a charge w/o worry. I just have a simple 5V → 9V USB adapter that I purchased off Amazon and flipped the polarity of the output to connect the power bank to my MC8.

Most of the modern power banks have USB C Power Delivery Outputs which is probably the way I’d go now along with one of the Mission Engineering converters.