Wireless preset switching

I’ve seen a couple of threads on this, but I’m still not “seeing” the solution.

I have a MC3 that controls my Boss GT1000Core, SY-200, ans RC5. All these devices are connected to the MC3. There is no pass through midi going on.

My goal is to simply change GT1000 presets through the MC3 wirelessly using an app on my iPad. Will a WIDI Jack connect to the MC3 do this?

EDIT: Maybe it’s as simple as connecting a CME WIDI Bud Pro to the MC3?

EDIT:2 I found the CME website ans they have an info page on choosing the right product. WIDI! Which Device Will You Connect With Bluetooth MIDI?

It looks like the Uhost will work with the MC3. Does anyone have experience with using this?

Cool, I didn’t know about the uhost. I may get one. I am using WidiMaster and WidiJack. You just have to make some Out (midi/power) and In (Midi) decisions. This is what I’m doing:

MC8 to RC-600 to BeatBuddy-out to WidiMaster :: WidiJack to G3-In to Collider to ChaseBlissBox to DD-500-out (no thru) to power WidiJack

I get from the WidiJack powered by the DD-500 to G3 using a Female-Female Midi connector to a midi cable because the dongle is not long enough. Note, my connectors does not carry power,. So I can’t use it coming out to power the WidiJack.

The only glitch I have found is I have to turn both units on around the same time so they auto–connect. Otherwise, I have had them connect to my computer or iPhone and then I have to start the process over. There is a way of have everything connect, but I haven’t done the deep dive… Too busy rebuilding pedalboards and playing guitar.