Wireless MIDI control question

I’m curious about using a device such as the MC8 using a wireless connection to a device such as an iPad.

  1. Is this practical? (…latency etc.)
  2. If so, would I need to purchase a device such as the CME WIDI?
  3. Would I require 2 of the WIDI devices - one for the MC8 and one for the iPad? Or can the bluetooth features already present on the iPad work with a single WIDI connector on the MC8?


I use Onsong on my ipad to send midi commands to my MC8 and other devices at the beginning of songs.

I use one CME Widi Master at the target location. On the iPad, you download a free app called midimittr. It allows the connection from in-app midi commands to Bluetooth.

My Widi Master isn’t plugged directly into the MC8, and instead goes through quite a few other devices and midi thru/merge boxes first. For my current use, I haven’t really had a requirement to really test the latency. But it is snappy enough for my needs, and I imagine it only gets bottlenecked by whatever the speed of Bluetooth is.

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I managed to find more information here:

It appears latency would not likely be an issue.
Also, only one CME WIDI connection would be needed on the MC8 side.


Since MC8 has an additional USB Midi port you can set it with MIDI CROSS THRU mode to have a full transparent USB and DIN MIDI chain.
I use the wireless USB MIDI dongle Yamaha UD-BT01 to connect wireless with iOS devices where I have Midi Designer Pro based apps running to control my MIDI chain via MC8.

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