Windows 7 Midi Issue after 3.10 upgrade

I have successfully updated my MC8 many times, but this time have hit an issue.

I have upgraded my MC8 to v3.10.1, however when I reconnect it to my Windows 7 (64 bit) pc by USB (direct to motherboard) I get a message “Installing device driver software”. This subsequentially fails “Device driver software was not successfully installed”. In Device Manager my MC8 is listed under “Other devices”, and obviously I can’t connect to the web editor.

I’ve tried the usual things (uninstall, disconnect cables, reboot, etc) but can’t get past this. Any help appreciated.

Just to confirm, if you downgrade back to v3.9 it works fine?

I believe there are other Windows users who have updated - but not sure if on Windows 7 as that has already reached end of support from Microsoft.

We tested on a Windows10 machine without any issues.

Same problem with MC6
installed 3.10.1 and Win 7 said updating drivers, can no longer connect.
Cannot roll back as device not recognised.

Following these steps can resolve this issue to get the controller detected so you can downgrade to v3.9

I’ve had the same issue when I upgraded to 3.10. Using the generic driver instead that one labeled MC8 solved it for me. At least I can use the current version of the editor. I don’t know about keystroke functions etc. since I’m not using stuff like that.

Just to clarify, you managed to get it working on Windows7?

Thanks James,

Interestingly, when I booted up my rig today the device (MC6) is present and the editor works perfectly.

Yesterday, I had cycled the power on the pedal, and also rebooted, and it wasn’t possible to connect to device.

So, complete power down fixed it for me.

Yes, works on Win7 SP2 64bit