Windows 11 - Issues with MC6MKII

Hello everyone! I recently purchased a PC after previously using a Mac, and I’ve been attempting to get my MC6 MKII to function normally. The strange thing is that my computer can detect the device and I have no trouble using the web editor. However, I’m unable to utilize it when I try to use it with Ableton, Reaper, or any Standalone Plug-in or DAW in that matter. Any suggestions/thoughts?

(I’m using the controller via USB)

Windows 11 (up to date)
MC6 MKII (up to date)

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Windows allows you to only connect one software to one USB MIDI port (not an issue on macOS0. So if the editor is using the port, you won’t be able to connect another software to that port.

Which is why in v3.10 we added the virtual USB ports feature where the MC exposes 4 virtual USB MIDI ports to the OS.

The editor claims all 4 ports when it is opened though. So you’ll need to close the editor first, then connect your other software to the MC MIDI ports, then open the editor and connect Port 1. The Editor will only communicate with the device using port 1.

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I’m facing a similar issue . MIDI output monitor shows the messages sent from my MC8 but my DAW and plugins are unable to recognize those messages albeit recognizing the virtual ports for MC8 as the MIDI inputs