WIDI Uhost…cool!

While discovering my Morningstar MC8 (awesome unit) and watching their very helpful YT videos, I came across them mentioning the possibility of using their new Morningstar Editor app via Bluetooth using the WIDI Uhost.

I got pretty excited as I exclusively use the editor to set up the pedal and not the pedal itself. So I set forth to get this done.

Here is what is needed; for those curious!

The CME WIDI Uhost requires a 5VDC power supply which is tricky because of your board is anything like mine, is pretty much running 9VDC and higher. I searched for 9 to 5VDC step down units and found something that could work for me; so I ordered it.

The step down unit didn’t come with a manual and I was left to my own devices to figure it out. Turns out the power input is center positive. Off I go to get a reverse polarity cable. But once that hurdle was jumped, it was finally powering the Uhost via an outlet tap on my Zuma.

Once the Uhost got its power via USB C, I hooked it up to the MC8 via USB C to A.

You will also need CME’s WIDI app and an app called midimittr. Pair both apps to the Uhost and you will be able to use Morningstar editor app completely wirelessly via your mobile phone/tablet/computer. It just makes for easy config changes and patch creation simpler than hooking up a computer directly.

Just thought I’d share…

(I’ve stacked the Uhost on the step-down power unit)
(No affiliation to CME)


Widi Jack also works the same without the extra power supply. It can be powered directly from the 5 pin din midi connection of the MC8.

I do see the benefit of using the USB and keeping the midi din connector for other uses.

Nice, what exactly did you use to power the U Host? I researched the internet once but couldn’t find anything with a reasonable price.

That’s true but, like you said, I needed the midi out.
I could have used the midi in but I wasn’t sure where to find a usb-c to midi cable as I don’t do my own cables.

This is the one I found. No affiliation at all.

Great work!
Ive got a similar setup, using two Uhosts and a WidiBud.
The Bud is plugged into my laptop for editing, one Uhost plugged into the MC6, one plugged into my iPad. Using a group, I have three-way communication between devices.
The Uhost connected to the MC6 is powered by the usb port on a Cioks DC7, which in turn powers the MC6.
I use the iPad for a multitude of things, from running tracks (often triggered by the MC6, using GoButton) to sending cc messages to various pedals using TouchOSC.
Have also started playing around with soft synths. I can’t wait for CME to figure out latency-free wireless audio!

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Hello. Pretty new to this channel, so I hope my question is not to stupid :slight_smile: In your post you talk about been able to use the Morningstar editor using the Widi uhost dongle. Just to clarify, before I order my own uhost. It is not only the editor that works with the uhost? I need to communicate with my mc8 from both the editor and my daw (Logic Pro )

Kind regards Nils

I’m not too sure how it works with Logic but for my application, the app editor controls the MC8 via the uHost which is connected to the MC8 via USB.

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thanks a lot for your reply :slight_smile: