WIDI uHost can read data from MC6 Mkii but won't save presets

Hey there!
Just got a CME WIDI uHost. It seems to be able to read from my MC6 mkii. I can connect to the editor and read data off of the MC6 but when I try to save a preset, nothing happens. Anyone running this setup and experienced this?

there is a bug in the WIDI uHost when it is in Host mode, it can’t send/receive sysex messages larger than 45. I’ve let the CME team know and they have acknowledge the bug and said they are working on a fix

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WIDI Jack works just fine. Can you turn off host mode?

it’ll be in host mode when connecting to the MC6 as the MC6 is a usb device

With the MC8 and Widi uHost it seems to be the same. I’m unable to connect the Macos standalone editor or the chrome web editor at all. Widi uHost shows up in the editor in the menu “Select device to connect” but there’s no connection established at all. (uHost is connected in the Macos Midi Studio as it should). Looking forward to next firmware update for the uHost :smiley:

CME has communicated that they have fixed the bug but are working on improving some other functionalities before releasing the next firmware update. Hopefully soon!

After the latest firmware update for Widi uHost it now works flawlessly with my MC8. Of course some freezing here and there, but not too often and nothing what a quick power cycle couldn’t fix. Anyways very helpful. I now can edit my MC8 settings with my pedalboard nicely set up in my practice space and I’m hanging on the couch with my laptop :smiley: