Widi thru6 edit mc6pro and ml10x

I Received my widi thru6 box yesterday. I spent quite some timetrying to set this up, but have not succeeded.

In the final set up I want midi commands out of the MC6pro to the midi thru6, to my collider and ML10x, all using din5 cables. Additionally I want to connect my android tablet to the midi thru6 box to be able to edit the ML10x and MC6pro and send midi commands back to the tablet to control mobile sheets.

But baby steps first. To test the functionality I am now only connecting the MC6pro to the widi thru6. Widi thru 6 is connected via BT in an attempt to be able to edit the MC6pro. I have wired the midi out of the MC6pro in the midi in of the widi thru6 box. The midi in port from the mc6pro is connected to a midi thru port (also DIN) of the widi thru6 box. All midi thru options in the MC6pro are disabled.

For the tablet I followed the procedures om the CME website. run the helper app BLTE midi, which is successfully connected to the widi thru box. When I go to the MC6pro editor, I see the widithru box listed, but when it tries to connect it says, failed to connect, no response from device.

I have tried all kind of variations in settings and cabling, and back to factory settings, bu to no avail. Anybody who got the widi thru6 box working with an MC6pro or maybe older
mc model and an android device?


As an update.
I managed to connect the ms editor to the mc6pro a few of times via widi thru 6. But it was more of an exception than a problem solved. Unfortunately I cannot pinpoint what makes it work or not.

No one who got this working?

Here is a screenshot from the log. Seems to connect successfully, but that I receive the connection failedno response from device message. I ll try my wife’s iPhone to see it that works

On the iPhone, with the midimittr app and morningstar editor, also no cigar. Starting to think that this unit does not work with the morningstar products or I connected it wrong. I disabled all midi thru in the mc6pro. Output of mc6pro connected to input of widi thru. One of the widi thru ports is connected to the input of the mc6pro.

I have not used the WIDI Thru6 before but I believe the issue is that connecting the Thur6 thru port back to the MC6 MIDI IN port means that whatever is being sent from the MC6P is also received by the MC6P, which is likely what is affecting the communication.

Is there a way to disable the thru function on the Thru6 for 1 port?

Hi James,
Thanks for your response.
I was also thinking that this looping back could cause the issue.
For the Thru6 you can only disable the wired thru function, which means the input from the MC6pro is not going to the thru ports, but only to the Bluetooth output. Of course I want the MC6pro to communicate with the wired thru ports, to execute its main functionality.

@james any chance that this can and will be fixed from the morningstar side? Otherwise I will return the widi thru6 and think about another solution.

For example, if I pick a widi jack and plug it into the mc6pro, will I be able to connect to the ml10x as well when enabling midi through from the 3.5mm ports to the din 5 port? I don’t need another input to the mc6pro besides connecting the editor.

I dont think this is something we can fix in the MC. Can you try troubleshooting by just turning off the wired MIDI Thru and then check if you are able to connect? So you can verify if this is indeed the issue.

I tried this, but it didn’t resolve the issue. But I think the problem when wired thru is off, is that there is no signal getting back to the editor. Although the picture suggests that the signal is still routed to the Bluetooth widi.

I am still in time to send the unit back so I will replace this with a widi uhost, the widi jack is not available in most stores I shop.

Will report back how this set up with uhost works for me.

I Returned the thru6, and received the uhost today. Connected it to the usb host port and it works like a charm. Connects directly to Samsung tablet and phone. I can use the editor for the mc6pro as well as navigate mobile sheets.

I hoped to be able to use the editor of the ml10x as well, via the midi thru routing in the mc6pro, but I guess it’s an issue that there is no communication back to the widi uhost from the ml10x. It was more a ‘could have’, so no deal beaker.