Widi master+ MC6 + Beatbuddy

Can i connect widi master to MC6 MIDI-in/MIDI-out ports to send commands to beatbuddy via onsong app?
My MC6 is midi connected to beatbuddy via TRS cables. And i dont like to use Beatbuddy midi breakout cable.
is it possible?

I not sure how you can get messages to the BeatBuddy if you don’t use the MIDI breakout cable. That seems essential to me.

I have modded my Beatbuddy with 2 x 3.5mm sockets for midi in and midi out. So i wanted to know if widi master works via MC6 midi ports.

I assume you want the BeatBuddy downstream of the MC6? If so you’d normally wire things up like this.

 ┌----------- WIDI Master <---------┐
 │                                  │
 └----> MC6 --*1--> BeatBuddy --*2--┘

In your case you’ll have to use a MIDI DIN to 3.5mm cable for cables *1 and *2.

HOWEVER cable *2 is what needs to provide power to the WIDI master (i.e. the WIDI master needs to receive power over MIDI on its INPUT jack) but because you’re using a 3.5mm socket I don’t think the power pins of the MIDI DIN will be wired up. So wiring things up like that won’t work.

Do you already own the WIDI master? A WIDI jack is more verstile coz it can be powered via USB.

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Or if you have another MDI device handy, you could might get away with this…

 ┌----------- WIDI Master <------ Other MIDI device
 └----> MC6 --*1--> BeatBuddy
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This is the connection i wanted to try if it works. Will it?
I dont own any widi devices yet.
I wanted to make sure it works first prior to purchase.

Ignore what I said about power not being transmitted over a 3.5mm jack/socket. I’ve realised I am using a MIDI DIN to 2.5mm cable and it IS tranmitting power to my WIDI Jack.

Since you don’t yet own a WIDI device yet, I would STRONGLY recommend the “WIDI Jack”. Its basically the same as the MIDI Master but doesn’t have fixed cables, so you can swap DIN for 3.5mm, or extend the cable etc (and it also has USB connectivity, and can be powered by USB if necessary).

That should work just fine.

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Many thanks. Very informative.