Widi master and mc6 pro

Greetings, does anyone use the widi master with their MC6 Pro? I want to know if the midi ports of the MC6 Pro provide power to the widi master.

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I am also interested, as I plan to purchase the MC6 Pro and a wireless Midi/BT dongle soon.

The MCE WIDI is showcased in this promotion video:

At 7:16:

Wireless midi ready.
Simply connect a wireless midi adapter like this CME Pro witty Jack and gain access to wireless midi connectivity.
These ports carry both power and data for the wireless midi adapters for the ultimate convenience

Thought, the manual only indicates that phantom power can be provided to the unit, but i could not find information about it being supplied to connected devices.

Since I am not familiar with the tech myself yet, I am eager to see it confirmed before I purchase the wrong adapters.

Yes, I can confirm the widi master works with the MC6 Pro. I use it exclusively. It works very well.

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@Gatus another forum user (@LuisLugo) very kindly confirmed in direct conversation that his WIDI Master is powered by the MC6 Pro.

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Thank you very much!!! I can order with peace of mind then!

Thanks mate! Now with both confirmations I can proceed with peace of mind

I just purchased my own MC6 Pro and the WIDI Jack with TRS mini cable.
Works like a charm, fully powered, and detected on both macBook Pro and iPhone.
It’s a buy!

But not at the same time, correct? You can only connect to one device at the same time, right?

Thx, Andreas.