WIDI Jack Setup

Hi James,

I have a few questions regarding WIDI Jack and MC8:

  1. Should the slider switch be set to Type A or Type B?

  2. I’m trying to use a USB power bank to power the MC8, as it allows me portability.

However, I’m having trouble connecting the MC8 to:

  • Windows 10 PC: It pairs, but the MC8 device can’t be seen in MIDIBerry
  • Android: MIDI+BTLE app can’t see WIDI Jack at all

I was wondering if this may be because of my USB power bank.


  • Is USB power bank a legitimate way to power MC8?
  • Would it confuse MC8 as it may be expecting the USB cable to be connected to another MIDI compatible device, and thus interfere with my WIDI Jack functionality?

We only have the TRS to DIN5 connector for the WIDI Jack, and ours is set to Type B. How are you connecting the WIDI Jack to the MC8? In/Out to the DIN ports on the MC8?

The USB power bank should not have anything to do with the issues you are facing with regards to the WIDI Jack functionality.

So far, we haven’t had issues pairing with iOS or MacOS, but have not really tried it on Windows yet. I think the questions with regards to the WIDI Jack issues could be answered better in the CME user groups though.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve done some more playing around and got it working. (I didn’t see the scrollbar in the MIDIberry device window which scrolled WIDI Jack into view).

Were you able to get keystrokes working via Bluetooth?

These don’t seem to be working on my Win 10 PC, whereas they are working when connected via USB.

WIDI Jack only sends MIDI commands, while keystrokes are a different protocol. So that is only possible via USB

I just received my WIDI Jack Master and have the WIDI Jack Receivers hooked up to my Headrush Looperboard and Quad Cortex, and I couldn’t get it to work. Then, (as I should have done before I purchased the WIDI Jack systems), when I logged on to the WIDI Jack website, it says it’s only compatible with the MC6 MKII, and the MC3…(F*ck!)
Did you ever get yours to work with the MC8?
I super appreciate any information you might have if you got it to work!
Thank you!