WIDI Jack connected to MC8 Expression Port 1 in order to manage Set List Marker on Ipad

Hi everyone!

I’ve searched a lot here and googled too in order to find how to send to my Ipad’s Set List Marker an MC8 preset. On my Ipad I use IOS WIDI app with the latest WIDI Jack firmware installed and all is OK. In Set List Marker I can see WIDI jack midi port output connected. On my MC8 I plug my WIDI jack in Expression Port 1. Midi Tru is on in General Configuration. I tried different types of Expression Port 1 in Configure Omniports menu. Nothing appears in the MIDI monitoring of Set List Marker. What did I missed? I’ve been successful using external midi track in Logic Pro X in which I can use MC8 presets to sucessfully manage Quad Cortex, RC 500 and Set List Marker so MC8’s presets are well configured.

Hope I’m quite clear!




I reply to myself since I’ve progressed. WIDI Jack must be set on Type A. But now MC8 preset send all the Msg defined in the MC8 preset editor and my Ipad receives all the msg destinated to all the others midi channels. Ipad is configured to receive on midi channel 2. If I define an MC8 preset with only msg to channel 2 it works (of course) but when I add msg on different midi channel I receive all of them on my Ipad. I can’t find where I can say to WIDI to send only on midi channel 2 but I said to Set List Marker to receive on channel 2! Thus is it a problem from the MC8 configuration? Any help?



The SysEx that is sent out for the Editor is only sent out via the DIN MIDI ports and not on the Omniports and hence it will not work.

Just for additional info, the Omniports do not send out SysEx messages.

Wow. Is this just a matter of a firearware update or is there something there makes this very hard/impossible to improve?

Using the Type A, Type B, Tip/Ring active do not send SysEx messages out. It is possible to implement that but by nature of the hardware for the omniports, streaming large number of bytes out will be slower as compared to using the DIN port, which is why we have not implemented it in software.

You can use the deprecated MIDI OUT setting which uses a buffer linked to the DIN MIDI OUT port so whatever goes out in the DIN MIDI OUT port is sent out to the omniport as well in that setting.

Hi james,
thanks for your answer but what kind of messages can we send with Omniports? Can we send CC or PC on dedicated midi channel to dedicated devices?

That is good to know!

I looked in the docs and the edito and could not find the deprecated MIDI OUT setting. I don’t need it, but if I can’t find it, others that need this might not be able to find it.

MIght be good to add the warning to the controller settings page of the editor in some way…

Sure, thanks for the feedback!

Yes. almost all MIDI messages are supported esp the common ones like PC, CC and Note.

I quit and return WIDI Jack because it’s impossible to receive on my Ipad only on the midi channel set in Set List Marker. Ipad still receiving all the messages from all other midi channels set in an MC8 preset.
MC8 Perfectly works using logic pro x but I want to use MC8 with Ipad and Quad Cortex WITHOUT a computer and it fails…

Thanks for your help.


I use an MC8 to control and be controlled by iPad software, specifically Bandhelper and Camelot, and to control a Quad Cortex. I am only commenting because I don’t understand why you needed/wanted to use the Omniport and not the midi-ports? What would be the benefit of doing it that way…or do I not understand what you were attempting?

MC8, Ipad, RC500, Quad Cortex are connected by USB to my Macbook Pro 16. With Logic Pro I can assign what I want when I want where I want every device (I didn’t find yet how to pilot Logic with MC8 !). Logic can activate any preset of MC8 sending successfully MIDI messages to all other devices. I just want to do the same without Logic, i.e. without USB connexions! I need to physically connect Quad Cortex, RC 500 and Ipad and even more to MC8. Devices like QC and RC 500 owns MIDI IN and OUT but Ipad don’t. So I thought WIDI bluetooth MIDI could resolve my problem. I fail…that’s it!

Thanks for your reply.
I’m sorry but how do you connect Ipad to MC8 and QC ?

I have connected though USB (which I understand that you don’t want) and also via bluetooth. When using bluetooth, I have a Widi, and a Yamaha MD-BT01 on the MC8 and the QC. These are controlled by and control Bandhelper and Camelot on the iPad. Bandhelper is the set list controller. I can step through songs using the MC8. Each song in Bandhelper sends midi to Camelot, the MC8, and the QC. I control midi instruments and backing tracks in Camelot with the MC8. I have no experience with the RC500, but I don’t know why it couldn’t be added with another bluetooth midi connector. Hope that helps.