Wich expression Pedal for me?

Hello everyone.

I’m searching for a expression Pedal to control my midi programmable “source audio ventris” Pedal.

What i would like to do is the following:

*control the volume of the reverb without switching it “on” or “off” like a wah-wah.

I would like to:

Heel down = reverb volume 0
Toe down = reverb volume at progammed volume

(Volume or decay and such parameters.)

The prince can be higher but not necessary.

-It had to get good built quality
-No on/off switch
-Good Pedal range (not to short)

I read about Roland / boss pedals or even source audio or mission engeenering.
Is the Dunlop DVP3 or moog (don’t know this Brand)?

Thanks for your advices. I must confesse i don’t know much about exp pédales. I’ve never had one…but i want a good and cheap quality Pedal.

Have a Nice week-end.

When you say reverb volume at programmed volume (mix? not familiar with that pedal), do you mean via the midi expression settings or the Reverb pedal Preset?.
I’ll jump ahead and say that once you’ve selected an Expression preset in your controller it becomes the volume control and the pedal setting are over ridden.
If you don’t want to switch the Exp pedal on/off you can have it as a preset that switches on when entering the bank or selecting that pedal,.
You will need to tell it to switch on.
Having the on/off preset switch is handy if you want to be able to alter and set an FX parameter then use the Exp pedal for something else
So you’ll need to find the CCs that give you the settings you’re after.
heal down CC 0
toe down CC X
I use a modified Ernie Ball JR because I like the feel and it can be used in unison with another as a volume. modding isn’t for everyone though. :flushed:

Hello, yes, i lean the Mix of the Pedal, that’s how it is named. Mix determines the volume of the Pedal.

No i don’t want to have a on/off switch because i would like to programm every chanel with the reverb volume/mix at Zero, and then, by activating the exp. pedal control the Mix as i want.

That should work fine, as long as you leave the expression pedal in the heel down position. This pedal works with the MC series fine, and is cheap (UK Amazon link): M-Audio EX-P - Expression Pedal for Keyboards, MIDI Keyboards / Controllers and Supported Guitar Effects Pedals, Black https://amzn.eu/d/dZS6Dxj

so if you add an
On Enter Bank. Select Exp Message
On Enter Bank. PC (Program Change)
with the Reverb preset etc like this

to each bank and create the exp message then set the pedal preset to zero

wich pedal (without switch) can you recommend me?

thank you for your recommendation.but i have to say i was looking in something like mission engineering or source audio.
I red a lot about problems with the boss exp pedals…

The mission Exp. seem to be well regarded, don’t think you would go wrong with one.

The mission will work as it’s a 10k pot. Don’t think the SA one will work, though, plus for connections to the Morningstar it’s more than you need. This is a useful post/thread: Expression pedals compatible with Morningstar? - #46 by moley6knipe

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It depends what you’re actually after, functionally. If you’re wanting an expression pedal that knows what your various effects levels are, this isn’t a feature of typical expression pedals - that’s all controlled by the midi controller or destination device. Some units have a limit set however most accept 0 as minimum and 127 as maximum on the dials. If you need a specific range, that will need to be programmed into the midi controller per programme/setting on the device being used.

I’ve found one for 85 bucks. I will see

Just to check.
Which MC are you using?
Kinda sounds like you’re hoping to do this without one, so with just an Exp pedal…
which will kinda invalidates everyone’s input. Hawkins 76 may have caught on to this, given his last post.

What MC stands for ?

You are on the Morningstar Forum Site
I think people assume you have one.
It occurred to me, the reason you’re not getting the answers your looking is that you don’t have one.
MC3, MC6 MC8

Sorry i didn’t get it :joy:
I have a mc-6

Well I don’t know much about expression pedals.
I’m only looking to control my sourceaudio ventris reverb. .
It seems to me that this is possible without even going through the programming of the mc-6, but I could be wrong…

As said … I found one at 85 € (dual expression audio source) … And I’m going to be Look deeper on it, but I admit I don’t know what it will be possible to do or not

So you really want to run the Exp pedal into the MC6 and then use midi to control the Reverb mix.
and other parameters as well.
Once you get past the initial learning curve you’ll start thinking about new ways to use it.
Have fun.
yell out when you want to set it up

The only way to control the ventris or other midi devices without programming the MC6 is to use the pedal directly via TRS into the specific pedal. Otherwise the midi controller will need to be told what to send and where.

Yeah i kinda suspected that…

Lehle dual expression is built like a tank and has 10k and 50k expression outputs.