Whine Noise - MC8 With Riverside

I just picked up an MC8 to use with my Riverside (trs), Timeline, and Specular Tempus. Everything is working as expected and you would be surprised by the amount of options I have with this setup. My only issue I have is when I connect my Riverside to the MC8 via TRS cable it instantly introduces a high pitch digital whine. I have had this issue before when powering pedals on a daisy chain style power supply but I’m now using a Cioks DC 10 with all isolated power and have had no issues for years.

I just wanted to see if this is something that is common and an easy fix? I have tried every different power supply setup and swapping around, even using separate power for all the pedals with no luck. My only assumption is that plugging the Riverside into the MC8 is introducing some sort of new ground loop. I’ve thought about getting some sort of Midi Splitter to just run everything out of the standard Midi out but that defeats the purpose of the 4 ssignable TRS jacks that made the MC8 so appealing.

Solved! I’m not really sure if the Strymon Riverside has some sort of ground in the expression jack but James from Morningstar Help responded and recommended removing the ground from the TRS cable to see if that would fix it. I didn’t really want to chop up one of my TRS cables for a possible solution so I started thinking and realized most midi 1/4" signals use the tip anyways. I took one of my Lava cables and removed the ground and that got rid of the whine ground loop noise. Now i’m excited to know that regular patch cables can be used to send midi from the Morningstar 1/4" jack to another pedal that accepts TRS (except for Chase Bliss). Maybe this is something everyone already knew?

Anyways, hope this helps!!


Hi nisaacs
I have the same problem with my Tensor (Red Panda). I’ve red that this solution has been discussed very controversially. All my Pedals get isolated power from my Zuma Device by Strymon. So I ask myself why do I have this Noise which I get only with my Tensor and only when it’s connected to my MC8? is this really the only way by killing that noise?

AFAIK, Red Panda’s MIDI Input was implemented via software after its release, so it’s hardware is not the MIDI-standard, so the device is not isolated from the MIDI controller, and hence the noise.

hi James

ok, that makes it definitely more clear. Thanks for that!