Which cabkes I need to connect MC8 to Zoom multistomp MS-50G please

I just ordered MC8 and I really don’t know which cables or adadpters I need to get, to conect it to Zoom multistomp MG-50G pedale
The pedale has MIDI USB Mini port.

I just started to learn about “MIDI” technology and how to use it.

Can you please send me the specifc cables and adapters that I’ll need for that connection.

Would realy appreciate if the links are from amazon.ca.


Welcome! My guess is that you’ll need a MIDI USB Host box for that, something like a DMC Micro.Ghost. Then you can go 5 pin din from mc to usb host box and then just usb to your zoom.

I found this out the hard way when I bought my MC, it needs a separate box for usb midi pedals!


@moley6knipe is right - you’ll need a USB MIDI Host interface to connect to that pedal. The MS-50G is a USB Device, and so is the MC8, so you cant connect it directly together via USB. Only a USB Host can connect to a USB Device.

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Thanks a lot guys, I just ordered the MIDI USB Host, and now I’m searching for the appropriate MIDI cable to connect Zoom to MC, if you have any idea too that would really help me much. Thanks.

which MIDI USB Host did you order? It should have a 5 pin MIDI IN port, where you can connect the MC6 MIDI OUT to the MIDI USB Host MIDI IN. And then it should also have a USB A female port, so you can use a USB cable to connect it to the Zoom.

I’ve ordered “Dodocool USB to MIDI Host Guitar”:


From ZOOM to the HOST MIDI, can I use any cable that is “MINI USB to TYPE A USB”?
Or should it be of a midi type?
If you can please help me with a link too.

Yeah any usb a to mini b cable should work.

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Look at this guys, on morningstars page, is says that the MC8 can send MIDI Commands from any port, including the USB port. Will that work without having to use MIDI USB HOST?


No: the MC will send over USB but without a host device to allow the zoom to receive it the signal won’t reach the pedal.

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ohh, ok.
Thanks a lot.
I know my questions are really stupid, but I’m really learning. Even I’m watching right now more videos on how to understand nad use “MIDI” :slight_smile:

Not stupid at all! It is a lot to get your head around but you’ll soon get the hang of it.