What's Your Favorite Looper to Use with the MC6 Pro

I wasn’t sure where to post this and the lounge seemed like a good spot.

I’m very new to the MC6 Pro and have been slowly getting it configured for various song types with my RC-505. There’s been a lot of back and forth between editing and testing with the looper.

I’m using a 9v negative center power supply when testing and then I disconnect and go back to the Mac for more editing (it’s kind of a PITA). Is it ok to leave the 9v power source and the usb to Mac both connected at the same time? I keep cycling the unit on and off between testing and editing and don’t want to wear it out.

I also don’t really understand why we need 2 actions (press & release) to get the 505 to record, undo, clear, increment / decrement, etc. I’m a pretty experienced loop artist and can time my play for a button release but it still feels weird. Do other loopers require 2 step actions to make the unit do things?

What are you guys favorite loopers that are reasonably fuss free to set up with the MC6?

I’ve been a lifelong Boss looper and loved every minute of it until I dipped my toes into midi. Boss sucks! Shouldn’t need to use press and release respectively but can put both on a press (or release) to trigger with one click. Some users have said they needed a delay message type between the two cause boss wasn’t reading both midi messages coming that quick but I didn’t need to on my RC500

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So it’s a Boss issue. That’s good to know. I thought it was something in the way the MC6 Pro sent messages. That makes me feel a lot better about the process of setting up the MC6 for the 505.

I feel the same as you about the 505. I was first introduced to it when I saw Marc Rebillet (the LoopDaddy) do How to Funk in 2 Minutes on youtube. I got a 505 immediately and learned how to use it by covering HTFi2M.

At the time, he was also doing these 8+ hour improv jams on youtube every Sunday and he does it all on a crappy M-Audio Code with plugins. I should probably take a cue from him and start using a DAW in performance.

About 2 years ago I saw him live at a brewery near me and was blown away by his ability to improv with the looper. Since then he’s started on a huge international tour schedule. Reggie Watts was very influential in his meteoric rise.

I’ve been developing similar skills except I’m DAWless and use a Digitakt to create my beats, and I rely on an arsenal of chops that are more limited than the LoopDaddy’s. He really is a great keyboardist.

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Yeah as a guitarist the RC300 was such a workhorse for me (now I’m on the RC500) but I think its the same as the 505 in regards to the limited midi targets available. I don’t loop live like I used to so I haven’t seen whats the best for midi these days.
In general there are some pedals that don’t do well with multiple midi messages too quick. There’s a message type under the “Device” category called delay. I don’t need it for my boss but I’ve seen multiple people saying they needed like 10ms between the off and on.


I use the Boss RC600 with my MC6 Pro and I have no idea what “press and release” need you’re referring to. Nearly all commands require a CC at “0” and another at “127” in order to toggle functions, but I’ve never had to send CC’s on press AND release of the MC6 unless I wanted to use that function (and I do). Depending on the function, I occasionally find it necessary to set the assign on the Boss to “momentary” instead of “toggle”, even though it IS a toggled function, but other than that I haven’t experienced the need to set press/release just to accomplish one function. Also, how many times do you think I can use the word “function” in one reply?!

Example: I want MC6 Pro Button A to toggle between

Start recording on RC-505 track 1
Stop recording & play track 1

RC-505 Assign1 Source is turned on and set to CC 1 (Momentary)
and the target is set to TR1 REC/PLAY

The MC6 Pro MSG preset is as follows:

If I omit any of these MC6 Pro MSG’s the 505 will not start recording on the first press or toggle to playing on the 2nd press. It’s kind of retarded because I have to time my actual play to start on MC6 button release and time the punch out to button release as well.

I’ve tried multiple iterations including just using 2 press messages, both with CC1 => 127 where one msg is in position 1 & the other in position 2 but it doesn’t work. It seems the press => value 0 and release = value 127 is necessary for some reason.

I’d be delighted if you could straighten out my developmentally challenged malfunction.

That’s a thing Boss used to do with the 500 series fx pedals, too. Maybe they fixed it for the 600 idk.
Btw adding a delay between messages helps, but the shortest delay the MC does is 10 ms iirc, which is a lot for live looping, maybe you get used to the timing with some practice.
Another thing I’ve thought about was to include some ‘dummy messages’ inbetween to add a bit of delay that’s less than 10ms, but I’ve never tested this.

@uglymule: I can only assume you’re using an older 505, and not the newest 505 MkII? Because the MkII and the RC600 share a “brain”, and I can absolutely report that this kind of command sequence is not necessary on the 600.

I mean, does this imply that you couldn’t use a “regular” MIDI controller without press and release abilities? How would a simpler controller accomplish what you want?

This is baffling to me …

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You can have them all on press. It will send the 0 then the 127 with the one click. (Release may be a better option for things down the line instead of Press as Press overlaps with some others like Long Press where Release wouldn’t trigger when you Long Press. Won’t matter in this example.)

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I guess 0 and 127 could both be on Press actions IF the Boss is ok with (effectively) zero delay between 0 and 127…

I’ve not used the 505 but on my rc500 it didn’t need a delay. When I was setting mine up some users said they did stick a 10ms delay there though so I’d try without and then add it if it’s not working.

Ah cool. Real life experience and trial/error for the win!

I use an MC8 with a Boss RC505 m1
and yes this is what it seems to require.
seems daft but works fine.
The biggest problems are the 16 message limitation in the Looper, the commands that are possible and the fact that each preset requires individual editing.
So, experiment with what you can and how you will use in the RC505
Create templates and save. Open and resave when starting a new preset. Then create the corresponding MC banks.
Eg I have a templates that let me switch on the guitar to bass fx when required and templates that target other input and output fx.
The target limitations are key here as you’ll need to soak up most of them simply controlling your track/play/records.
It’s a work flow thing and you can be sure you’ll keep changing it.


Yep, I keep getting caught up in a mindset of “one bank to rule them all”, but it just doesn’t work this way. Same deal with audio / midi cable and rig setups (and life in general).

On another note, I was having problems with the 505 getting wonky when the Digitakt was the master, so I reversed the connections and made the 505 the clock master. It turns out that the wonkiness was due to a raggedy clock and the 505 does not do time stretching. However, the Digitakt does time stretching flawlessly since the last firmware update (1.5) so yay! I also inadvertently discovered that the Digitakt starts when the 505 starts!

The Digitakt also stops when the 505 does (I always wondered what creating a blank track on the 505 was for and now I know). If you leave a blank track running then the Digitakt keeps running too! I just create a 1 bar blank track on the 505 and then set track 1 to 4 bars (or whatever), and the other 3 tracks get set to free. There are, of course, variations.

There’s a lot to be said for completely reimagining your rig. I’m also finding that I can rejigger my workflow and primarily use my hands with the 505.

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I think the Singular Sound Aeros is a pretty good looper combined with MIDI.

The EHX stuff also. I have the 45000, 95000, but they make a smaller one that supports MIDI which I don’t have.

There’s also the Pigtronix Infinity, which I have, that responds to MIDI … but for some reason it’s not entirely predictable.

Each of these loopers have very different operational modes, so it kind of depends on your style of looping.

My main gear choice is the MC-6, Aeros, EHX 95000, a MIDI Hardware Sequencer and CLOCKstep (a master clock that, disclaimer, I make for keeping it all in tight sync and other MIDI fun).

I also do some crazy experiments using the Loopers built into the Strymon Timeline and HX Stomp, even though they don’t support MIDI Clock. The experiment is managing to keep them in sync. There’s so many things you can do with the MIDI tools available today you can almost get a capable looper to work the way you want … almost.

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I was starting to dislike the 505 and was thinking about a replacement but recent events have resulted in rekindling my passion for the 505. I have a similar dynamic going with the GF.

I’m a keyboardist and love the tactile, hands on approach. There’s always going to be a need for hands free control but give me buttons, knobs and sliders to slap around!

I’m trying to make the most advanced looper possible, namely HX Stomp as a signal source. I figured it out that I can use the digital I/O in the HX Stomp for this. This setup requires a laptop with Ableton Live and a USB cable. I’m using a Macbook and the tests are successful. I’m in progress to program the MC using midi and keystrokes for full functionality to use it without hands (mouse).
Basic license for Ableton was cheaper than good used looper…

This makes possible f.e.
-recording any number of “layers” that can be organized into a structure, e.g. intro, verse, chorus, bridge.
-Applying effects to each loop in post.
-Mixing inputs f.e. recording loop from midi keyboard.
-redo/undo each loop or make variations

As far I know this setup might even be used live for Live Looping.
My idea is to practice and develop new ideas in home to send to rest of the band.

I use an MXR Clone Looper and have been curious about integrating it with my MC6 Pro. I’m finally getting around to setting up my MC6 Pro (and am new to the forum, so also hello to everyone) and am not sure it’s possible for them to be able to work together beyond the TRS Expression and Control inputs on the pedal. It’d be great to use an external footswitch to get to be able to record and play looped samples from a much further distance.

If its simpler than this, can you post a screen shot showing how you do it?!

I’m another midi noob trying to get my mc6pro to start stop tracks 4-6 on the RC600, but I can’t get them to work!!