What special characters can be used in Preset Names

Is there a list of all the special characters like %E0 and %F0 in the documentation?

Also, are there any special characters we can use beyond the standard ASCII? I’m using ^ and v to indicate up and down in button names and would love a symbol for up and down (and things like home, …)

It is currently limited to ASCII characters.

%E0 etc are just placeholders to replace the text with data from elsewhere.

%E and %F will be replaced with scroll counter values
%BP with the current MIDI Clock BPM

I remembered there was a thread like this but I can’t believe this thread was only posted only 15 days ago - felt like its been a while!

Anyway, we’ll be adding support for up down left and right characters using \u \d \l r respectively. BUT, it takes 2 characters \ and d to display one symbol. Will include it in the next v3.9.6 release along with the bug fixes.

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Excellent! Seems like a good bargain.

Have you thought about standardizing on % as the prefix (%u, %d, %l, %r)? That will be simpler for everyone than having both % and / as prefixes for expansion. Might also want to think if it’s upper or lower case (or case insensitive) for the arrows. Hard to change this once it’s out there…

We’ll use backslash \ moving forward because it actually yields a different character in the LCD. We’ll just keep it lower case for this.

I am fearing many incompatibilities with tones of existing labels just as for the accelerator keys.
Due to the small size of ‘short names’ many of us have already chosen special chars mapped to common controller features …
In my case I have these short names conventions :
Starting char means ‘on long press release’ and with conventions
~ jump to detail bank
@ jump back last bank
^ bank up
_ bank down
Ending chars mean ‘On double click release’ and with conventions
~ jump to detail bank
@ jump back last bank
^ bank up
_ bank down
In the preset ‘long name’ I use / as a separator to enforce the short name convention for the long press release, with
/Back jump to last used bank
/‘bank name’ jump to bank name
/Up bank up
/Down bank Down
I hope I will not have too much changes to apply for moving next firmware, I spent long time updating all these MC8 presets …
Last request : Quick map of keys and main formats in one short page.

I was referring to the backslash key \, which actually displays a ¥ character. I think you’re using the forward slash key in your names.

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Working nicely - spot on for “prev” and “next” button labels for example.

I guess “it takes 2 characters / and d to display one symbol” is why I see a leading space before the arrow on my MC6?

Preset A is “\l Prev” and Preset B is “Next\r”

I’m guessing the padding function is called based on the length of the raw string?

I think there’s are two other related layout issues which mght be fixed at the same time:

  • Replaced numbers that just one digit have extra padding which cannot be removed.
  • No way to add padding characters of your own (spaces are stripped out). In some cases perhaps a two char sequence for a space might work (\s or \b?), but perhaps just don’t strip out (trailing?) spaces?

@james Do you want us to post bugs on padding in the other forum?

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Yeah, this was done at quite a low level part of code so the logic is simply if the previous character received is \, and the current one is r then print a symbol instead. Which is why we can push this out so quickly :grin:

I’ll just add a note in my backlog to improve this in v3.10.

Regarding the padding (besides the space before the symbol), its possible to align the names with spaces IF the Align LCD setting in the controller settings is turned off. If it is turned on then the names align closest its switch.

Yup. That’s the nuclear option. Align LCD is fine 90% of the time, but there’s 10% where I’d wish it lwt me adjust layout by preserving any padding spaces I’ve added (or left me select left/right/center justify for each label).

Could I also add 2 long time requests :

  • to be able to use all these formats ( '\ and %Ex %Fx and % for beat I don’t remember) in the bank name also,
  • interpret several format occurences in same field (ex: %F4:%F5 )