What is scale factor's purpose?

Scale factor -10. In layman’s terms, is this basically sending less information, or perhaps information at a slower pace as i go heel to toe? I have a pedal that completely freezes, and basically bricks until i unplug/replug it, when rocking linear from 0-127 (or vice versa). But i found through trial and error that -10 scale factor setting seems to work perfectly fine (?) Just wondering why?

The scale factor changes the shape of the response. More info here: https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MMS/pages/181698784/Message+Type+Glossary#Expression-CC-(Scaled)

Hi James,
I did have a look at this before posting, but i wasn’t sure what it is saying. Is it saying that -10 basically sends a slower signal at first, then quickens towards end of path?
Do you know why this would work on my expression midi, but linear bricks?

It’s basically changing the shape of the linear curve to a logarithmic or exponential curve.

Your expression pedal should be fitted with a linear potentiometer, so a sweep from heel to toe will give you a linear response from 0 to 127. When it is linear (or when scale factor is 0), when your expression pedal is in the middle position, it’ll send out a CC value of about 64.

The scaling factor alters this response. With a scale factor of -10, the middle position will send you a CC value of about 120ish according to the graph.