What happens if a use a TS cable with the MC8 omniport?

I got an Alexander Pedals Wavelenght, which causes clicking/zipping noises when it is connected via it’s multijack (can be footswitch,expression or MIDI) to the MC8.
This likely might be caused by a groundloop.
The Wavelenght manual states:

“The Neo pedal can accept MIDI over USB from a computer or mobile device, or from a MIDI controller using a 1/4” cable. The Neo pedals are compatible with interface converters made by Disaster Area Designs and Empress.”

In addition I found this in a description of the Desaster Area MIDI Box 4:

"Each control port may be set to one of four output modes, selectable using the DIP switches on the face of the MIDI Box 4.

Tip Active:. Suits Alexander, Meris, Empress, Bondi, and other devices using voltage mode on the jack tip
Ring Active: Suits Chase Bliss Audio and other devices using voltage mode on the jack ring
Tip and Ring Active: Provides separate outputs on tip and ring of the control port, enabling two MIDI outputs using our TRS Insert Cable
*TRS MIDI: Sets the tip active and pulls the ring terminal high, for use with Boss, Jackson, Cooper, Swindler and other devices that conform to the MIDI TRS specification. (= Mc8 standart?)

At the moment I use a trs cable. I’ve had some trouble to configure the device, but now everything works as intended, except the noise. Apparently the Wavelenght has to be connected by a ts cable though. What happens if a use a TS cable with the MC8 omniport? Can this damage the unit or cause other issues? Alternatively I’d try to solder a cable with a trs plug at one end and a ts at the other myself, but I’m not sure what the right configuration would be. Do I have to connect ring to sleeve or sleeve to sleeve? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

The thing about TS MIDI connection is that it does not follow the published standard, so we don’t know how (if the Wavelength is requires a TS) they are implementing it.

A TS cable connected to the MC8 omniport will just pull the Ring to ground. MIDI data will still be sent on Tip. No harm trying to see if it helps with your ground loop issues. Do let us know if it helps.

Thank you, I’ll try this and let you know.

I had this same groundloop issue with my Strymon Riverside even only using a TS cable. The way I fixed it was using one of my Lava Tightrope TS Solderless cables and completely removing the ground (sleeve) from the equation. It still sends midi via tip and works as expected and I have no added ground loop noise.

I learnt yesterday that strymon sells a midi to trs cable with an inbuilt opto isolator. i guess this is because the riverside (and some other models probably) wasn’t designed with an opto isolator to isolate the device and controller

thanks for sharing that cutting the ground solves the problem

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I found finally some time to take care of the noise issue of my Wavelenght today. Guess what! Turns out the new update came out just in time. I’ve set the omniport to “tip only”. Works like a charm even with the trs cable! :+1:

Thank you guys! Keep up the good work!