What Cables do I need?

Sorry I know this is a beginner question but I was wondering what cables I should use with my new MC-8?

I get confused between the terminology, balanced/non balanced and the ones with one or two rings…

I intend to play in two configurations:

  1. Playing live through an amp sim
  2. Playing live with pedals and amp

Depends on what you want to control with your MC. The MC8 has standart 5 pin midi ports for midi in/ midi out or through. Make sure that you get a cable which explicitly is suitable for midi applications and you’ll be fine. On top of that the MC8 comes with 4 omniports which can be configured to function as external footswich or expression pedal inputs. To connect a footswich or expression pedal you’ll typically need a 1/4’ TRS plug (TRS= tip, ring, sleeve - that’s stereo/unbalanced). Note, do not connect any audio signal to the controller!
The omniports can also be used as midi out with 1/4’ TRS cables. You might need an adapter depending on the input of the device you want to connect to the MC.
TRS midi can be confusing at times, because there is no global standart for the configuration of the input ports. Make sure that the omniports are configured accordingly in the settings of your MC.

It depends on the amp sim and if using channel switching. a 5 pin midi din cable or a TRS cable will be required for any midi switching. Any control switches will required a TRS cable and the relay interface