What am I supposed to do with bank presets Q-V?

For the life of me I can’t get my MC8 to bank up past preset P. Are these presets only accessible via a three-button footswitch (or a ‘trigger preset’ action on a preset in another bank, but that would just be silly as why not just put the preset there)? Why not just add preset W-X and then we could have a full third bank page?

I’ve read and re-read the very fine manuals. Perhaps I’m just being dense. Please help me understand.

I use those extra ones all the time.
Sometimes via external aux footswitches which is handy because it doesn’t use up any of the presets from page 1 or 2.
Sometimes via a midi command from another device to trigger a preset. One of the presets is a long list of default commands for resetting all my pedals to bypassed state or anything else I need to get ready for a new song.
Preset T is always used by the Toe Switch on an expression pedal to activate it as a wah pedal at any time.

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Presets Q, R, S, T, U, V in the MC8 are really just meant to be engaged using Aux Switches, and that’s the only reason why its there. It isn’t designed to be engaged using the switches on the MC8 at all (of course you could use the Engage Preset message type).

This range of controllers are designed to just have 2 pages of n Presets.