Whammy DT footswitch mode

What are the Whammy pedal control options?
Can I customize preset scrolling or make presets?

I have a Whammy DT and MC 6 mkII
I would like to make an analogue of FS3X from the controller. To switch between pedal mods. Switch between semitones of different parameters. In order not to lean every time to the pedal.
Is it real at all?

The MC can remotely change absolutely anything on the Whammy DT including the foot treadle position via CC messages. I do this currently. Even momentary can be affected although it’s slightly more complex to programme.

The Whammy DT manual has a midi chart with corresponding messages for active and passive selection.

There are a lot of errors in the official instructions for the Whammy DT regarding Midi. Midi CC and PC start from 0 and in the official instructions from 1.
Therefore, to activate 2 octaves up, you need to enter 0, not 1 as written in the instructions.
And so it is with every team. You need to write one number less to achieve the desired result.

Please tell me how I can set up preset scrolling for Wammy DT.
I want to replace the knobs on the pedals with a button on the controller.

Can you share your json for that? Momentary would require doing math (current_PC_value - 18 to activate if bypassed) and I don’t know how this can be done.

Momentary is far easier than that as each function calls at least one other on its button position path. Setting both PRESS and RELEASE as position 1 means as long as the button is held down the Press function is active. When the button is released, the release function is triggered. it would arguably lose the secondary function of the button.

@KatanaSFB there’s a CC Value scroll setting which will do this. Set one button to scroll up and one to scroll down.

The editor has only one item regarding the CC - it is responsible for the expression pedal.
There is nothing about CC in the official instructions for the pedal.

You’re right, I meant PC Scroll up and down.

Can you explain in more detail?
I don’t understand what “slot” means…

It’s all explained in this Morningstar video.

Do you mean assigning the MC button to momentarily activate a specific predefined setting on the Whammy? You can’t e.g. first scroll to select the setting with button A, then momentarily activate it with button B, can you?

@afranke, a non-specific setting can’t be momentarily activated. You’d need to predefine the exact setting per button.