Weird Bypass behaviour with CBA Pedals

Hi, just wondering if anyone has run into this issue before. I have a Warped Vinyl and Gravitas that I’m simply trying to turn on and off with my MC8. These are the messages I’m sending with “Toggle Mode On”

Msg 1 - Press /Control Change/Pos: 1
CC# 102 / CC Value 127 / Midi Ch 8

Msg 2 - Press /Control Change/Pos: 2
CC# 102 / CC Value 0 / Midi Ch 8

I can turn on the pedal, but for whatever reason it doesn’t turn off. Also, if I insert this 3rd message, it will turn on and off just fine:

Msg 3 - Press /Program Change/Pos: Both
PC# 0 / Midi Ch 8

What gives?

Finally figured this out. It’s no fault of the MC8. I’m using a Disaster Area Midibox, and splitting midi to 2 Chase Bliss pedals, 1 Meris, and a Jackson Audio. The power cable was loose, and had fallen out. The midi box has a led light that was being phantom powered (dim, but still there) so it seemed like it was working. When I correctly inserted the power, everything was working fine again.

Lesson learned.

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new here and am trying to set up my MOOD pedal to MCA.
after reading your post I am assiming I just need to follow similar step to MSG 1 for bybass switch for my mood…this will just toggle it on and off? correct? Pedal would trigger settings of pedal as is?

Away from my gear at the moment…thought id ask

Yep! It’s worth checking out Chase Bliss YouTube content on midi if you are new to their pedals and getting started with midi. It helps explain a lot about what’s going on.