Weird Behaviour With GFI Synesthesia


I’ve been trying to get the MC8 to work consistently with the GFI Synesthesia and seeing some odd, inconsistent behaviour when triggering CC messages particularly.

I have ‘on enter’ functions to the banks set based on PC messages which seems to be working pretty consistently. It’s when using CC messages to toggle on and off the X and Y switches where things get funky. about 90-95% of the time it’s fine but then suddenly the GFI will jump patches to something random, even though the midi message is only ‘toggle on/off’ effect (CC) and not PC.

Are there any unexpected midi loops?

Try connecting just the MC8 and the Synesthesia and see if you can recreate the issue. This will eliminate the possibility of other gear causing the issue.

Make sure you’ve updated your firmware, I know some earlier version had some issues.

Thanks TonyMan.

The Synesthesia is on the latest firmware and the MC8 is on the current Beta 3.9.7 although I haven’t tried the non-sysex version

I’ll try going purely MC8 to Synesthesia to see if that works as my current setup is MC8 to Midi Solutions Quadra Thru with the Synesthesia being one of the direct outs from there.

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I’ve not had opportunity to test as suggested however I have come across another user on FB who has a very similar setup and exactly the same experience with the GFI set to Stompbox mode. Whilst not improbably it suggests there is an issue one end or the other.

Can you share your bank json data dump file that you are using to control the Synesthesia? And let me know which preset is causing the problem. I can plug into my Synesthesia to check.

Hi James,

The json file for one of the banks is attached. This morning on the MC8 preset E jumped to GFI PC23 and then to PC4 (as well as the expected change)
Morningstar_MC8_Bank_Backup_Channels And IA_20220114_102930.json (51.1 KB)

Just to update that after contact, GFI made a firmware update to the midi reception and that seems to have stablised things.

I’ll continue to test.

I can confirm this is no longer an issue with GFI firmware update 2.4.0.

Thank you!