Web Editor v1.1.4 Mini Update

We’ve just pushed an update to the Web editor.

  • Clicking on the Msg button while programming PC or CC messages will bring up a dialog box so you can scroll through the list of values to find the sound you like

(Cross MIDI Thru needs to be turned on to transmit the messages down to your devices)

  • PC and CC parameter boxes are now linked to the User Library and MIDI Dictionary. The descriptions will appear after selecting your PC/CC number or loading your preset

Desktop Editor will be released 1-2 weeks later

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Oh, NICE update!! ability to scroll values like this is gonna be a killer feature… and the links to user library is already proving massively useful. there’s so much good stuff coming out from Morningstar - great work!!

@james - minor point, but: using 3.8.4 and web editor 1.1.4 the “don’t forget to disconnect before…” message still pops up when connecting. Appreciate not everyone will be using 3.8.4 yet but possibly confusing given that disconnection is no longer required for this combo of f/w and web editor? Thanks!

Good point - thanks! have removed it.