Way to disable hardware buttons?

Hi, I have my ML10X in a tight space under my board. Sometimes the buttons get inadvertently pushed and changes the preset. Is there a way to disable the buttons (I do all of my editing using the Web Editor.)? Maybe if the buttons could be disabled by doing a double long press to the select button on the top right of the ML10X?

It’s been interesting setting up the ML10X. 3 of the Morningstar supplied insert cables were defective and the signal would cut out when I twist the male. TS patch cable in the female Tip or Ring. I still love it though. Latency is very low.

We could possibly add that as a global setting, such that all buttons are disabled when in the main preset page until you hold down the menu button for 2 seconds to enter the menu to disable the setting.

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That sounds good to me! That would be great!