Waveform / midi clock bug with Polymoon and MC3

Weird bug happening here. I have a waveform synced to midi clock tap going to my Mercury7 on channel 2. However, whenever I turn it on, it defeats the “Time” control on my Polymoon on channel 1 and the time of the repeats seems to be synced to midi clock. This persists after I turn off the waveform. Disconnecting the Polymoon from the MC3 makes the Polymoon behave normally again, as does power cycling the MC3 (I guess because that stops the midi clock?)

Looking at the midi monitor, nothing is being sent to channel 1 at all, even when the waveform is on.

I have both Meris pedals on ports 3 and 4 with dip switches set to 0 0 1.

never mind, solved my own problem by watching one of your videos: midi clock is sent globally and the Meris pedals have no way of blocking it, but turning off the “persist” option in the controller settings makes the midi clock turn off as soon as you click a new preset, which lets the Polymoon behave normally.