Waveform Generators - BPM sync drifting?

Hey yall, I’ve been stoked about the waveform generators syncing to bpm but it seems like they’re getting out of sync? I’m using an MC8. I’ve set up 1 bar loop of four guitar strums and using the h9 to pitch shift it, and you can hear that the waveform clock is drifting a good deal. Here’s a video and my screenshots from the editor. what could be causing the drift?!

I saw in the recent video the waveform preset also was manually tapping in the midi clock as well. Do the waveforms not sync to an already established midi clock?

heres my video: Dropbox - WaveformGenerator-off-From-BPM.mp4 - Simplify your life

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 1.05.41 PM

Just to clarify, the waveform generator doesn’t perpetually sync with the MIDI Clock. Rather, it takes the current BPM that the MIDI Clock is running at to set the BPM time for the waveform generator, and then the waveform generator starts. If the MIDI Clock changes BPM after this, you’ll need to “re-start” or “re-sync” the waveform generator.

In the video, we added a MIDI clock tap message together with the waveform generator start message. So each time the switch is tapped, the internal MIDI clock tempo is set, and the waveform generator also restarts and syncs.

That being said, the waveform generator doesn’t perform to 100% precision, which might see the troughs and peaks drifting from whatever source you are using for timing after a while. I’ll need to explore how to get this synced back to the specified BPM.

Thanks for the info! Having the waveforms quantize to existing Midi Clocks would be a really useful addition for this feature, as I’ll use a h9 effect to augment a Blooper loop, and being able to automate that effect in time with the loop would be ideal.

The waveform generator is awesome (it replaces my trem pedal). But somehow, I´m not able to sync it to external BPM. I use Ableton as a master clock for my pedalboard. It sends clock to my delay pedals. My MC6 mk2 is set to midi thru to sync the pedals and I use the MC6mk2 to change presets. I´ve read, that if set to midi tru, the MC6 ignores the incoming clock (and the waveform generator does not sync). But if I set the MC6 to clock in, my delay don´t sync to the clock anymore… any hint?

the waveform generator does not sync to the MIDI Clock automatically - when the MIDI clock is stable, you’ll need to trigger the preset that engages the waveform generator, then it’ll sync to the new BPM value.

Thanks! It works great!