Waveform Generator Sine super slow

I was trying to use the waveform generator for a tremolo on my midi controlled volume (sound sculpture volcano) and no matter what setting bpm/division, cycles/multiplier it’s way way slower than you’d want. To test square wave was performing correctly…. Any thoughts here?

I have the same issue with the waveforms. Tried multiple different things and never reached a resolution. Theres a topic in this subforum i started. I’m behind on firmware at this point so i may try that again this week.

I was attempting to control the mix knob on a strymon cloudburst. Could never get the rate to change and confirmed it wouldn’t work on other pedals and other methods of output on the mc6 pro (omniport, regular midi). Also attempted controlling it by a fixed rate or with midi clock with no change.

@keg8605 my apologies for missing this thread.

Can you share a screenshot of your waveform settings in the preset as well as the controller?

@acuevo I’ll follow up in the thread you started.