Waveform CC's are very cool!

Tried it out just for a few minutes moving the Freq on a CBA Condor, very nice indeed.

Of course, it only suggests more possibilities - like the ability to set top and bottom of the range, expontentials as well as sine, linear and triangle - but it’s got lots of potential just as implemented already.

really nice update!

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I’m not sure i understand the concept of waveform cc’s, do they serve as an automation of sorts for a specified destination?

Yes, exactly so. Like an LFO in synthesizer-land or CV in modular-land.

So, you can create repeating or one-off volume or filter sweeps with a CBA Condor with a single button press on the Morningstar controller. Or do much weirder things by modulating, say, the clock on a MOOD or the room size on a Strymon or a H9 or something.

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I just tried that with the Chase Bliss Preamp MkII. This function makes for some flying faders galore, so cool ! So many experiments to be made !

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Interested to see how you all use this feature. I actually just created this to play around with my wah settings :smiley:


Did you have to do anything special to make it work? I tried to set this up with the wave form and couldn’t get any sliders moving.

Did you disconnect the editor from the controller (via the disconnect button up in the interface) before you try ? It’s one function that doesn’t work if you don’t.

That was it I keep forgetting to do that. Thanks! Is there a way to specify min and max of the wave? If so I seem to have missed it. That will make it more useful for me.

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I tried to use the sine waveform to great a tremolo effect with the “Volume Pedal” CC command on the Riverside, but it ended up creating some extra noise in my chain and the effect it created wasn’t quite what I wanted. I may need to tweak it some.

Hello! Do you do this on HX Stomp or something else? Please can you describe how you adjust your MC6 and HX Stomp preset for wah?

I actually intended to do whammy type things like the Black Keys hint from this video:

but honestly I don’t think I understand how it should be used. This feature is not documented well on the release note. So maybe a thorough review of this function would be very useful to start using it.

Also why the interval must be 5-127? Why not 1-127? And is it possible to add a logarithmic waveform type?

i’m enjoying this as well, but i’m trying to figure out how to make the sweep sync with tempo. i don’t understand what “interval (100ms)” means in the editor and why the range has to be between 5 and 127. i’d like to be able to put a value in the “interval” parameter and know that ther sweep will take an even number of beats to complete. is this possible?


Hey DarskyZ,

From your post, it looks like you may have some insights relevant to some issues I’m having.

I’m trying to automate the frequency fader on my Preamp MKII using my MC8. The goal is to make the MKII function as a phaser. Standard PC and CC messages are working great for any action type, CC#, and setting I try. I just don’t seem to have any luck getting CC Waveform Generation to work at all (no signal sent as is evident in Midi Monitor).

Do you have any tips to getting CC Waveform Generation working on the CBA Preamp MKII?

Thanks in advance,

Welp… after my 3rd firmware re-upload the CC Waveform Generator functionality is working great!

Just a note that you need to disconnect from the editor (or device has to exit editor mode) in order for the Waveform generator to start - It’s unlikely a firmware update issue but glad you have got it working!

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