Walrus Vanguard Remote switching

i am new to the MC8

i setup TRS4 for MIDI out standard and connect to the Walrus Audio VANGUARD Phaser pedal remote input. The Pedal is not a MIDI device but accept normal trs switcher for switching the things.

then i program on MC8 - PRESS and TRIGGER MESSAGES with setting Msg1 or Msg2 and it works! i can turn Vanguard phaser on and off normaly like on the pedal itself…

but i have problem to setup preset changing on the second footswitch of the Vanguard. Can i do it somehow? Thx


Not sure but I think you’re getting into the realm of needing this:[Coming soon] Omniport Relay Switching Interface
Couldn’t find the latest post but this is out now.
TLDR: There is now standard and the remote jack on your pedal could be fine, but could damage your Morningstar.

Thx i didnt know about this device but its not for sale right now, right? So we cant controll with omniports the switching on for example amp… because of voltage?

I have also Supro Saturn with switching tremolo and reverb and its dangerous to connect to omniports?

It’s available here!
I’m sure someone could explain better but my understanding is because there is no standard every pedal and amp is different. This will protect your Morningstar.