Walrus Audio (or similar) tap tempo wth MC6

Hi there, first post for me, hope you can help.
I have the MC6 linked up to a GT1000 core, all good there, getting to know how they work together.

But can I use the MC6 to send tap tempo info direct to pedals such as the Walrus Audio Monument Harmonic Tremolo, using the Omniports ports on the MC6 or do I need to use something like a Disaster Area micro.clock in between?
Walrus Audio and other pedals with tap tempo via their Exp jacks are certainly cheaper than pedals like Chase Bliss, even if I have to buy a micro.clock!


If the devices do not have a MIDI implementation, then the MC6 cannot control it. You can explore using a MIDI-relay switching interface like this: https://www.suhr.com/product/micro-midi-control/

Hi James, thanks very much for clarifying.