Walrus Audio Midi chanel

Hello outthere,
i have bought a wunderfull second hand walrus audio M1 modulation pedal.
The problem i have is that i’m not able to choose the midi chanel as i want.

i would like to assign a midi chanel number but i have troubles.
I wrote to walrus but their explainations were not clear enough even on the video they sent me.
they wrote:

“To change Midi channels, you hold down both footswitches and plug in the DC cable. When the LEDs flash white you can let go, they will keep flashing. You can then send a PC message on the Midi channel you want the pedal on, once you send this message the LEDs will flash green to confirm the assignment and boot up like normal.”

how can i choose for example midi chanel 3 ?
on the video it’s not clear. i don’t even know what they do …i think i’m a little bit stupid

can anyone help me ?

Looks like you’ll need to first program any switch on the Morningstar with any PC message set to midi channel 3. Then with the morningstar connected to the M1, hold down the two switches while plugging in the power (letting go when the LEDs flash white) and simply use the preset on the Morningstar once. Basically you’re telling the M1 to listen to whatever PC it sees next and apply whatever channel that message was on.

Hello, it works. …so thank you.

I actually had to:

  • remove the 9 volt socket from the pedal

  • go to the Morningstar editor

  • create a preset with the desired PC Number with the desired pedal midi channel (channel 3 in my case)
    (make a preset at random, even if you delete it afterwards, it’s really only to assign a midi channel to the pedal)

  • save the preset in the midi editor.

  • press the two switches on the walrus audio pedal, insert the DC plug into the pedal and wait for the 2 LEDs to flash white.

  • when they blinks white, release the 2 pedal switches and press morningstar preset to assign the desired midi chanel on the pedal.