Walrus Audio CC Issues - Multiple Press/Release Required... Sometimes

I’m using the MC6 with Walrus R1/M1/D1 MkII (and CBA Preamp MkII, but no issues with CBA operation). The Walrus pedals often require multiple presses for all three to accept CC messages sent on the same preset. So for instance, a preset with CC to turn on the R1 and turn off M1 and D1 might see the R1 react and turn on, but the M1 and D1 remain on until another couple of presses of the footswitch. I have these set to send CC on release and have confirmed that the pedals are set to appropriate midi channels and routed in the Morningstar editor properly.

Any suggestions? Is this a Walrus firmware thing? A Morningstar issue? Or (perhaps most likely) user error?

Thanks for any thoughts or solutions!

It’s a Walrus thing. Based on feedback from other users, the units can’t process a stream of incoming PC/CC messages fast enough. So, you’ll need to add a delay between each message. Something like this:

In the latest beta firmware, we have a MIDI Delay setting in the global settings which determines the delay between each MIDI message sent to account for issues like this.

I just found a solution, this works for me, i just put all the PC messages first and then followed by CC messages

Hope this will help!