Walrus ACS1 midi config with MC6

Hello All,

I’m trying to configure walrus ACS1 with MC6. Wondering if anyone already tried this. I’m new to midi setup and appreciate any help i might get.


What issues are you having specifically? You’ll just need to refer to their MIDI implementation in the manual, and then send the corresponding CC messages to control the functions that you want. You’ll need to make sure that you have set the MIDI Channel on the ACS as well to match the channels of the MIDI messages that you are sending.

Hello James,

I was trying to switch the presets in ACS1 using my MC6. But i figured it out. I’m using ACS1 with HX Stomp in the fx loop and by default ACS1 is assigned with channel 1 which i was not able to modify. Now i changed the channel for HX to channel 2 and it is working fine.

This leads to another issue. Now when i’m changing presets in hx stomp , Banks in MC6 is not changing.

Is this something you can help me with. I watched the youtube video for 2 way communication between hx stomp and mc6 but no luck.


I modified MC6 channel to 2 and now changing presets are not working in hx stomp. it is coming back to the same preset again and again.

The HX Stomp can be set to send PC messages on its MIDI channel when you scroll through the presets directly on the HX Stomp. So, the MC6 needs to be on the same MIDI channel as the HX Stomp in order for this to work. Also, MIDI Thru needs to be turned off in the MC6 if not the MIDI messages will be running in a loop.

Also, scrolling through presets on the HX Stomp will only work until 10C, because the MC6 has 30 banks so it will only respond to PC#0 to PC#29.