Voodoo lab pedal switcher / How to send SysEx?

I want to control the pedal switcher with the mc6 pro. I’m familiar with midi, but never worked with the SYSEX protocol. I’ve found a post on a forum that showed the SYSEX string is F0 00 00 07 01 08 10 F7. When i go to the SYSEX portion of the editor, it shows a drop down of messages that look like A 0x0 B0x0, so on, so forth. How do i send the affore mentioned midi string?

We’ve closed this on email but I’ll just add the information here for future public reference.


You can use the “Create SysEx Preset” function in the editor. Just paste the string you want and then it will generate the messages required to send the SysEx string:

F0 and F7 are the standard start and end values for SysEx messages. It will not be used in the SysEx messages in the preset. Below, you can see the messages generated by the function above. How to read it is the first value is the SysEx length, which is 6 (there are 6 values in between F0 and F7) and the next 6 values are the values you want to send.

0x1 and 01 are the same. the 0x is just to indicate that the value is in hexadecimal format.