Voodoo lab hex midi looper phantom power on midi in?

According to the manual, the voodoo lab Hex “Receives MIDI commands, and provides phantom power for Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro foot controllers.” on midi in.

“If you are using a Voodoo Lab foot controller, such as Ground Control Pro, it can
be phantom powered from HEX. Phantom power is provided over pins 1 and 3 of
HEX’s MIDI IN. Make sure to use a MIDI cable with all 5 pins wired. These are
often labeled “5-pin active.”

Could this possibly be hazardous for midi controllers that don’t use phantom power, such as the morningstar mc’s?

Pins 1 & 3 in the MIDI port are not connected to anything, so it is safe to use.

This is according to the MIDI spec, where only Pins 4&5 are used for MIDI Data (Source and Sink).

The MC6/8 ports is a 7 pin port. Pins 6&7 can be used to phantom power the MC with a cable like this:

If you are using a 5 PIN midi cable then pins 6&7 can be ignored.

OK, thanks. There is one available locally and I think I might try it out.

I found this discussion in a google search and amazingly this is the EXACT thing I’m researching. I’d like to use two Voodoo Labs HEX switchers with the MC8. @James will any 5 to 7 pin cable work or does it need to have the AC adaptor like the one in the Amazon link above? If it needs to have the AC adaptor, what exactly does that plug into? I’m a little confused on how to get the phantom power to work between the HEX and the MC8. Thank you!

Yeah, actually, that could be useful to me, because if I could just power my mc8 off the hex, I wouldn’t need to worry about using other power.

@soundelixir would you be willing to email me directly? I am looking at doing a HEX and MC8 setup and would love to ask you some questions. email is my username here at iCloud dot com.