Volume changes when “un”bypassing effect that’s NOT even connected in the loop

I have Effect A on A Tip, Effect B on B tip, Effect C on C Tip, etc. When I configure a loop with just Effect B and C on ML10X, and then using MC8, I “unbypass” Effect A (which is not configured in the current preset on ML10X), my volume gets louder, even when said effect is physically true-bypassed (either with a simple straight thru cable or the effect’s true-bypass switch). What is up with that?

I traced this down to what appears to be a firmware bug where the ML10X does not remember its assigned Device ID after a reboot. I have 2 ML10Xs and both were receiving the same command from the MC8 because of this bug. Setting the ID (1 and 2, respectively) again in the menu works for that session, but it does not persist between reboots. Very annoying bug!

Just checked and yes, it’s a bug and something we overlooked.

I’ve compiled a firmware with the fix here:
20221229 ML10X Device ID bug fix beta.hex (351.4 KB)

Do let me know how it works for you, thanks!

The fix works! Thanks! I have several other firmware defect reports and a couple for the web editor as well, but will post those in separate individual threads.

Thanks for the update!

I’m out of office this week but will check them out once I’m back on Tuesday :+1: