Volume CC from RC-300 to Beat Buddy with MC6

MIDI Chain: I have a Boss Rc-300 looper as Master Midi clock out to Beat Buddy out to Line 6 HX Effects. Just ordered a MC6 today and wondering how I can adjust the volume of the Beat Buddy with the expression pedal on the RC-300 via CC? I’m told that with just the RC-300, Beat Buddy, Line 6 Helix, this cannot be done but now that I’m adding the MC6 into the mix, I wondering if it’s possible.

The RC-300 can send CC’s 1-95. The expression pedal can be assigned to CC 1-95 and a Minimum Value of 0 - Maximum value of 127.

The Beat Buddy’s volume is controlled by “CC-108 [0-100]"

The RC-300 only goes to “CC-95.”

EXAMPLE: Can the MC6 be set up to duplicate CC #96 to CC #108??? and send out CC #96 as CC #108 to the beat buddy so I can control the volume of the Beat Buddy with the expression pedal on the RC-300?

If Not, Is there any way to achieve this goal?

Not really. The MC6 doesn’t act like an event processor. It has its own MIDI implementation, so you cant tell it to, for example, send CC#108 when it receives CC#96.

Why not just connect the expression pedal to the MC6? What are you controlling with the exp pedal in the RC300? Is it controllable by MIDI? If so, then you can set the MC6 up to control what you need in both the RC-300 and Beat Buddy.

I had pictures inserted but it says new users can’t embed photos…grrr…If that restriction can be lifted, that should help answer these questions.

That’s an excellent point!

I was trying to avoid buying another piece of gear (expression pedal) and less footprint on the floor. The expression pedal on the RC-300 is “built in” and is not independent of the looper.

Currently, I am controlling volume of the RC-300 with the built in expression pedal.

My overall goal is to control the Beat Buddy and RC-300 volume with one expression pedal via MIDI.

Also it looks like CC 95 is not used for anything on the BB by the manual

Would you suggest getting another EXP pedal to use with the MC6 and set it up to send CC 108 and CC 95 when using EXP so that will adjust volumes of both?

That looks like it will work, but that brings up another question. The RC-300 has a MIDI IN, OUT & Thru. Should I connect the MC6 to the MIDI “IN” on RC-300 and use the “OUT” & “THRU” with a Y MIDI cable to connect to the BB?

That should have me fixed up correct?

Can the EXP pedal with the MC6 be used in the background and not take up 1 of the 6 banks that I would have on my “Home Screen” or does a stomp button have to be pressed to activate/use the EXP pedal?