Volume across banks / presets on MC8 and HX Stomp

So maybe I’m missing something, but using an expression pedal to set volume works fine until I change presets on the stomp. The volume seems to go back to whatever its saved default was ( using ch vol or master vol on the amp block ). This can be pretty frustrating and I haven’t figured out how to send the existing value from the expression pedal to the stomp without moving the expression pedal.

Since the 3.8.1 update I have found that I can use the CC Value Scroll to keep the same value across banks and presets and I can send the existing value to my stomp when I switch patches. The issue is that the Value Scroll only seems to associate with the switches and not the expression pedal.

Does anyone know how to maybe map the expression pedal to a CC Value Scroll or just tell an old guy how he’s doing it all wrong in the first place?

And a big thanks to Morningstar for the continuous work they put into their products. It is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi TimBro, I’m using an expression pedal and Iridium for my volume changes. I’ve just set up an “Expression CC” msg type controlling the “Volume Pedal” CC# and it works seamlessly across all banks.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I’m not familiar with how the Iridium works. I think my issue in this arena is the interaction between the stomp and the mc8. When I change presets on the stomp it loads whatever values were saved on that preset since you last modified it. So if the preset was saved with a master volume of 10 then it will load with that volume level. I’ve been trying to set the volume according to what the expression pedal is set to. I can’t seem to find a way to read the pedal in the mc8 without moving the pedal first. Moving it will produce a new value to be sent out, but if it doesn’t move then no new value is sent out and there isn’t anything to send to the stomp preset.

I guess regardless of the pedal, I’m suggesting a “Global” type of value to access for volume on the stomp. I did a quick search and there’s this thread from a couple years back that could be helpful:

and this one:

Hope that helps!

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I appreciate you looking around for me. Yeah, unfortunately there is no “Global” volume on the stomp that can be accessed by midi. To me thats a pretty big downfall. So you can control the volume of the amp in a preset, control the output of the preset or put a volume pedal block in the preset and control that. Regardless of which route you take, the preset will load with whatever default volume setting it was loaded with. This is why I need to have the MC8 push out the current setting of the expression pedal when I change presets so the volume can be tamed.

I’m having a similar issue with getting a master volume on the HX stomp using mc8 for expression pedals. Did you ever find a better solution?

I want to keep the HX at the amp, and just run a midi cable from the stage with MC8 & expression pedals there.

The lack of global volume on the HX is pretty annoying. I was getting max volume on every preset change because the HX inputs were set to EXPR and inverted. This resulted in the stomp setting volume to max on every program change. Not a good experience since this caused some pretty nasty feedback until I hit the volume pedal.

One workaround was to flip the HX EXPR inputs to non-inverted. Then at least a PC mutes the input. No more feedback, but still not ideal since I can’t make a live program change without also hitting the volume pedal.

Another workaround is to set the HX inputs to FS4 & FS5 (Again make sure they are not inverted!) Then a program change pulls the preset volume, I guess that is the config you mentioned.

I agree that it would be nice if the MC8 could re-send a volume change after a preset change…

I kind of gave up in using the expression input. I see this as more of a stomp issue than an MC8 issue. I put the pedal at the end of my chain as a master out volume. Then I used a scroll counter with increment / decrement buttons on the MC8 to push preset volumes up and down. Additionally, you can send a counter value to the stomp when you enter a preset which is what I wanted to do with the expression. I haven’t played with it since 3.11 came out for the stomp though, so maybe its more doable now?

Im having the same issue. I have owned the stomp for awhile now and Im not holding my breath on a global volume. Seems like they dont really care. Definitely not the same level of community care as MorningStar.

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I have a Boss EQ 200 last in the chain to serve as a midi capable master volume/ global eq.