Voltage over relay ports

I expect to receive my MC6pro this week and it would be great if I do not immediately blow it up, hence my question.

I own a Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special, great amp, with an enormous foot controller with two led’s and two switches (Chanel switching and Solo boost). Obviously I want to get this controller off my board, since its about the same size as the MC6pro, easily freeing up the required space.

I want to use the built in relay switches of the MC6pro, but wanted to double check it is ok to do so. I believe there is about 12V going through the TRS cable. To my knowledge this should be fine and is the intended use. However, I wanted to double check since the amp also has a dedicated port for external controllers such as the morningstar on the back.

About these ports, the manual of the amp mentions: “The EXTERNAL SWITCH jacks respond to any tip-to-ground latching type logic for their triggering. This
type of switching logic can be found on most midi master control switching units on the market.” For the dedicated ports at the back I would need two TS cables. Preferably I go into the front with a TRS cable, directly connected to the MC6pro without splitters or y-cables. But I cannot find any info about the switch or its schematic.

I should be fine connecting the relay port from the MC6pro to the socket in the front panel of the Mesa, right?

Yes, it is fine - the relays are rated for 24VDC or 120VAC.

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I can now confirm that the relay ports on the morningstar mc6pro correctly perform the channel switching as well as solo boost function on the mesa boogie lonestar special.

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Cool, good on you for posting back with the info. Did you go with a TRS into the front panel?

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Yes, indeed I used a trs into the front panel.

Hi. I have a mc6 pro and Mesa boogie mark V 90 watt.
I would like to control the massive Mesa foot controller with my mc6 pro.
Can you please tell me how to do this with relay port?
Which out do I use on the Mesa? The midi out (that the big Mesa foot controller connects to or to connect separate Trs cables to the outs on the back of amp for each (ch 2, ch 3, boost, rev).?

I’d like to get a 6 button aux to control amp and also for tap tempo and bank scrolling. That’s my goal.

Hi JTGibson,
I am not really sure what you mean with

It sounds like you have midi box from Mesa Boogie that interprets midi and sends signals over trs. But it would make more sense if you describe your set up more precisely.

What I can tell you is that you only get two relay switch outputs on your mc6pro. Both are trs, which means you can probably control two functions of your mesa through one relay port. I configured it to be solo boost and chanel switching, however note that my mesa lonestar is quite different. I use the remaining relay port from the mc6pro for tap tempo to a non-midi pedal, (if it was midi capable I would use midi clock). Since you also mention that you want a tap tempo, you only have one trs available to control your amp, so similar to my set up, only two amp functions.

Hence I think you get more options if you send midi to the

you mention, although it is not clear to me what this massive pedal is or what it’s functions are. Or does your amp have midi? Truly, your post needs a little more clarification on your set up for a complete answer.

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I looked up a picture of the Mesa mark V foot controller. I see where the confusion comes from. There is a din out port on your mesa foot controller. And even though din connectors are often used for midi, this is not a midi port. So the only option would be to use TRS cables out of the relay ports on the MC6pro. I do not know how a mark V works, so I am not sure how to connect it to your mesa, but it looks like you will have to split a TRS cable to Two TS cables, or possibly connect a TRS cable to a din connector, but you would have to figure out how the din connector is wired and whether it is expecting, tip to ground, tip to ring, or ring to ground, normally open / normally closed, etc. And even with such a cable you won’t be able to control more than two settings.

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Thanks so much for your reply.

Thanks so much for your reply. The massive pedal is the pedal for my Mesa mark V amp, to change channels, solo boost, eq, reverb, mute.

I think I’m just going to keep it as is and just use the big amp pedal below my pedal board.
I may give Mesa a call see what they have to say, they have outstanding customer service.