Volante SOS help please!

I can not get my MC6 to cooperate with me in trying to set up a page for sound on sound mode. It’s activating SOS (cc 41) but that’s as far as I can get it to go.
The cc for rec/splice/clear is 49 (with “any” being the only choice for value, is not working for me. Do any of you have any tips for me? I’m about ready to smash my guitar LOL!

Wow, it looks like Sytmon updated the Volante, as you used to have to use CC#82 twice (Footswitch Tap on and off) to record/splice/clear. This is great news, as it will cut down on the number of needed messages greatly. Maybe try updating the Volante firmware? I’ll try when I get home from rehearsal tonight!

In the meantime, you can try the old method of CC#82.

I tried that as well and it didn’t work. It’ll go into record mode and then after a second it goes completely out of SOS mode.

thank you for replying, let me know if you can get the new cc commands to work. I’ll update my Volante.

Yup, firmware update on the Volante fixed everything. The new cc commands makes the SOS mode SO much easier than using the switches on the pedal itself.

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