Voicelive 3 and Roland GR-55 MIDI dictionary request


I joined this forum a few days ago, after adding a used MC-6 to my gear.
My gear includes a TC-Helicon Voicelive 3, a Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth and a Beatbuddy (among others)
I noticed the MIDI dictionary for the Beatbuddy in the Morningstar editor, and that’s great! Similar to the Beatbuddy, both the Voicelive 3 and the GR-55 have many, many users which would surely benefit from having their available MIDI parameters included as a dictionary in the MC-6, etc.

Furthermore, the Voicelive 3 also allows control of many parameters (such as looper instructions, etc.) via two TRS external pedals or switches which would be great to emulate via the MC-6 (and other MS units), which I have tried to do with no success yet since I have no idea what the instructions are. FYI, there is a Voicelive Editor software (not by TC-Helicon) that can access these parameters via USB connection.

Any chance of this happening in the near future? Any ideas how to do the second part, above?

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