VERTEX Boost MKii + MC8 + Lehle Dual Expression

before I buy the Boost I’d like to know if anybody has experience with the following:

I want to have a volume pedal/control on my board without having to add an actual volume pedal. I’d love to do that with the Lehle Dual Expression. My first idea was to use it to control the volume of my Strymon Iridium, but since it’s the last in chain and I record loops and overdub them with fade-ins, this doesn’t work since I’d cut the volume of the loop as well.

Therefore I thought I could add a Vertex Boost MKii since it has an expression input that lets you control the volume of your overall tone. Since I use the Lehle Dual as an actual expression pedal as well (faking a wah pedal e.g.) I’d like to use the other expression out to control the volume (with the Vertex).

Would it be possible to control the expression of the Vertex via one of the omniports?


Ah, nevermind…I think I had a thinking issue.
Can’t work since none of the omniports are expression outs and the vertex doesn’t work with midi.

Any suggestion on how this could work anyways?

The Boss EQ200 and the Source Audio EQ4 are both high quality eqs capable of midi that can be used to control volume. Both have flexible routing options. The SA has more features like a limiter, noise gate, the option to switch to parametric eq etc, but it is quite pricey. Midi implementation on the SA is imho better and it is smaller, but I prefer the on top sliders of the Boss EQ200.

It’s worth noting the EQ2 does not have a global master so if the EQ is set per patch which is then triggered by bank entry or button toggle, it’ll reset to the parameter in the patch. It won’t remain at a consistent level. Equally, if the EQ2 volume is set by the midi expression lower than the specified max, when pressing for a solo boost (or any preset change), the return to the first patch will be at the max volume and not the desired midi expression setting.

The only pedal I’ve seen that does this really well is the H9.