Variable Presets

Maybe this is already possible and I just need to figure it out. Forgive me. I’m new.
I just purchased an MC6 Pro and an ML10x and they’re arriving today.

It might be unrealistic, but I am hoping to set up my 6 switches in the following way
I want to use 4 switches for preset sounds and keep two switches as variable options to bring in additional effects.
Where I’m running into trouble conceptually is that I would like to, if possible, have those two extra switches be variable so that they change what they do per preset.
So my presets would be on A, B, D, E and my variable effects would be on C and F

my example would be
Switch A is a clean tone with spring reverb and if I press C that would bring in my overdrive. If I press F it would bring in a slapback delay

Switch B would be an ambient reverb with delay and while on this preset switch C could bring in a chorus and switch F could become tap for the delay.

For those who have been at this with Morningstar stuff long than me, is something like this possible or do I have to approach things a different way?
Thanks for any help!

So correct me if I’m wrong but you’re asking if there is a way to program up the MC6 to make it so that pressing a switch changes the function of another switch?

In your example, pressing switch A makes C and F perform a certain function whereas pressing switch B makes C and F perform other functions?

If so, I don’t believe that is possible though there could definitely be other work arounds to achieve a similar workflow like having one page dedicated to one set of effects and having an adjacent page serve as another set of effects.


Page 1:

  • Switch A: Clean Tone w/ Spring Reverb
  • Switch B: Overdrive
  • Switch C: Slapback Delay
  • Switch D: Other Effect
  • Switch E: Other Effect
  • Switch F: Navigation

Page 2:

  • Switch A: Ambient Reverb with Delay
  • Switch B: Chorus
  • Switch C: Tap Tempo Delay
  • Switch D: Other Effect
  • Switch E: Other Effect
  • Switch F: Navigation

You are correct in what I’m asking. Thank you for the reply.
I use a Boss ES-8 on another board and I can work in a way that I similar to how I described and I was wondering if it was possible to have a similar workflow.

I was hoping to avoid paging or bank switching so That I could have multiple presets always available without having to think ahead for an extra press.

Well then I would look into the Message Scroll feature:

With this you can have one switch (C/F) perform multiple staged actions on sequential presses. The only CON to this approach in your specific desired setup, is that the order of actions would be set ahead of time. That said this could allow you the ability to have both of those setups you described on one page!

I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for pointing me in a direction to try!

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Might be more straight forward to use the bank jump feature.
A,B,D,E to activate your fx and perform a bank jump to a dedicated bank after that. There C and F can be programmed according to what you need. If you set up all the banks the same way you wouldn’t have to think about it after you’ve set it up. Functionally it would be the same thing as on the es8

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Yeah I was think about something like that.
It’s an extra bit of programming and I’d be burning a few banks to basically create an illusion, but it might be worth it if the workflow is valuable enough to me.
Thanks for the advice.

I have a way of achieving this. It involves accessing the exp. presets using the MC6P MIDI implementation with switches rather than an exp. pedal. If you have at least 2 exp. presets that are not used (and most people do) and if it’s just CCs & PCs you need to send, then it is possible.

Program exp. preset 1 (for example) with all the messages you’ll need for preset C.
Program exp. preset 2 (for example) with all the messages you’ll need for preset F.
Make sure that all messages are “toe down” (CC or PC). I could never get it to work with “heel down”.

Program preset C with the MC6P MIDI implementation for exp. preset 1 (CC#51 Value 0)
Program preset F with the MC6P MIDI implementation for exp. preset 2 (CC#52 Value 0)
Set the MIDI channel in these presets with the channel that’s assigned to the MC6P.
The idea here is to send the message (ie. CC#51 or CC#52) from preset C or F out of the MC6P and then back into itself. I do this with the 3.5mm MIDI I/O on the side of the MC6P. I simply patch a jumper cable from the Out to the In (Ali Express $1.27).
It’s important to make sure that the 3.5mm “In” is not routed to the 3.5mm “Out” in the controller settings. Otherwise, you’ll create a MIDI loop.

Program preset A with “select exp. message”. Select Expression 1 from the drop down menu and check the boxes for the messages that you want Preset C to execute.
Then in another message do the same for Expression 2 for the messages that you want Preset F to execute.
Then Program presets B,D,E in the same manner.
So, with each preset selection (A,B,D,E) a new set of exp. messages is cued and ready for Presets C and F to execute. This is how C and F can be reconfigured with each preset selection.

It’s a bit convoluted and there might be an easier way to accomplish this, but once it’s set up the first time then all future setups will be a matter of just adding messages to the expression presets and then checking boxes.

For what you want to achieve I would not do it this way. I would rather use multiple button actions within the presets (A,B,D,E). Button actions is one of the biggest strengths of the Morningstar. But, the exp. method might function well with your workflow.

With my workflow, I access the exp. presets with switches from an external MIDI controller. So, I made sure to test the method I just described with just the MC6P before I posted this and it worked well.


Crazy hack, I approve :+1::joy:

I knew something like this would be possible with work. Thank you for the really detailed description. Hopefully it helps not only me but others as well!

@Strunz1967 - that’s…. Genius! Good work!!

as has been pointed out, Bank jump is going to be the most effective.
Something that might be useful, is settling on a template for those banks.
So each one looks basically the same.
Next, and I find this really useful, is to use the Auxilary switches, paste to all banks a common set of bank jumps so you can, for instance, always jump to Home and a Tone Bank or 2, then select a ‘Tone’ from your 6 choices (still on the selection bank) decide on the Preset you’re after and using Long Press or Double Tap jump to the corresponding Bank for that Tone
Every other Preset is only ever 2 clicks away.