V3.9 Public Beta

@james there are still problems in copy after installing your last firmware and updating the editor app.
The bank name is not copied and some presets loose their name.
All presets after preset P get the values of P.
Expressions presets 1,2,3,4 are just empty, nothing copied.
After the bank copy the editor is frozen, I need to unplug/replug usb.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes I just tested and it seems like there is a problem when copying from Bank 18. Other banks are fine. Looking into it now.

New firmware uploaded! Earlier I fixed copying from other banks to Bank 18, but didn’t know copying from Bank 18 to other banks also had an issue. Do give it a go and let me know if you continue to face any issues

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It seems ok now.
have you read my previous test results ?

  • May be a default value of 1 for Utility->Set Counter values-> Decrease or Increase should be easier than zero, and less error prone
  • Utility menu confusing because on 2 levels, may be the higher level which is not a message type could be renamed in Misc ?
    Or/And a new message type named Counters added (which I would prefer) with all Counter related inside it.
  • the ‘Only’ text after Increase/Decrease/Reset/Update no more necessary inside all actions in Utility related to Counters.

I am now transfering all the new API in my configs and so doing tests.

Thanks for the update!

Ok, I agree with 1, 2 and 4 which I have changed.

Ok, I just see it.
I will regret the option to add a ‘Counters’ message type…
I also suggested in another thread to use a Counter to contain a bpm value, working on the paradigm
Set Bpm From counter xx with base value yy
So we could have bpm value yy+content of counter xx, knowing that counter range is only 0-127, adding a base value allow for nice change in the area 0-255 which is good for bpm in most musical situations.
See (Feature Request) BPM increment/decrement - #5 by Kallioinen

@james - the chrome web app has some sub-optimal behaviour with scroll bars when using MIDI dictionary… MC6 MkII. f/w 3.9.0 2021-10-15. Editor v1.1.6 Beta Chrome app. Windows.

When clicking MIDI dictionary for a message near the bottom of the screen, not possible to access entries at bottom of list per screenshot…

Thanks for reporting this. Unfortunately, we can’t resolve this issue. Will probably change it to a dialog box style instead.

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@james, I appreciate all the efforts in this 3.9 beta, even if all my suggestions for counters have not been validated (using them to store bpm, using them to jump to bank number as a goto counter value), they are interesting but less than having a better jump back to bank.
Actually we only jump back to last calling bank, and it would be so helpful to be able to jump back one or 2 levels before the last jump. This could be implemented with the MCxx keeping a small stack of previous jumps, last in first out, 4 levels of stack with the older element beeing pushed out when the stack is full. This would be such an help to navigate back in menus.
Could we expect a last effort on this. I would say it is the most problematic area in my usage of my MC8s.

Regarding the last used bank, we do have a working branch if you want to test it, I can send you the firmware. We just didnt include it into this release yet because I feel there might be some edge cases we have not tested yet.

Regarding the other features, we do add it into our backlog when suggestions come in, but whether it gets prioritised or worked on is another internal matter - there’s a lot of tasks to clear and we cannot implement everything that comes in, some reasons might be

  1. complexity/impact ratio too high
  2. there are other more impactful tasks to complete
  3. we don’t agree with the suggestion

I know it’s difficult but having a moving forecast in one page (Github) on which feature could be implemented on a specific version could be nice

I am interested, you have my email I think, no change.
It would be so nice to be able to move up and back from a tree structure of banks with many nodes, each adressable from different level, and not forgeting the n-1 calling bank.

I just added it into the downloads page: Release Beta Firmware v3.9.0 · Morningstar-Engineering/MC8-MIDI-Controller · GitHub

Do let me know how it works for you. You can jump back to a total of 10 banks.


Updated! This looks better, I think.


Yes, that’ll work! Will give it a spin later!

I’m using V3.9 Beta for few months and it’s working good for me. Thanks James.

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Unfortunatelly I get no time last week to test it.
My first tests are running Ok, I have now to adapt my menus for it, I will gain many presets, very nice, I hope it will be in the final 3.9. One of the most useful features with Counters.

thanks! Let me know. I’ve done some testing also and it works as expected. Once it reaches the end of the FIFO queue, it will not jump bank at all.

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I’m updated to firmware v3.9.0, and I’m unable to get the Beta Editor working. I get the message that my browser is not compatible.

Any thoughts on what to do? Would love to use the new features of v3.9!

click on that icon on the top right of the page and allow the webpage to have access to MIDI devices. DO let me know if you continue to face issues


Thanks James, you’re right, that was the issue.