V3.9 Public Beta

v3.9 Firmware ready for public beta !

We’ve locked in all the features we want to add, which means feature-wise, there will be no more changes. Thanks to everyone who has been using the beta firmware and providing feedback and comments.

There are tons of new features were added in the v3.9 beta firmware. The full list can be found here:


We’ll be focusing on fixing any bugs if any over the next week before doing a stable release.

If you are using the v3.9 beta firmware, do let us know by commenting here, so we know how many are using it and can do some stability estimates.


Yes I am using the v3.9 beta firmware and love it so far!


This little one in editor ?

I don’t find what is announced in Utility msg type;

only this ?

Or I am missing something, the installed firmware is the 12th oct 2021 without KBD.

And I would say that the 2 ‘Utility’ menus are confusing, may be another name for one of the 2 could be better ?

Hmm I think your webapp might not be updated yet. Can you do a refresh and see again?

Ok, after F5 I get the announced stuff. Strange because on start of the App I get the update warning and did it. But Ok not very important.
The 2 Utility menus are still there :wink:

So, if I correctly understand, with the Utility->Update Counter I can change as in this exemple MSG 1 by MSG 2

Very nice.
Could we simply name the Select Option ‘Set Counter value’ rather than ‘Set Scroll Counter value’ ?

EDIT : this makes the PC NUmber Scroll with the ‘only’ Scroll types obsolete. Idem for CC Number Scroll with same Scroll types.

Actually I can’t do a full backup, I tried several time in ideal condition (direct connection, no other app running), and the MC8 stays blocked on ‘All banks datra dump’. I did a windows reboot, no change.
Only way to regain control on MC8 is USB disconnect-reconnect.
EDIT : success on the 5th disconnect-reconnect ???

EDIT 2 : May be a default value of 1 for Utility->Set Counter values-> Decrease or Increase should be easier than zero.
And Decrease/Increase./Reset/Update no more need the ‘Only’.

V3.9 is the best yet! Thank you Morningstar team!

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Copy and Past Bank seems to be broken on my side.
When I copy an empty bank and past it to another which I want to empty, I get weird chars in last presets and expressions 1,2,3,4 are very bad.


And Clear preset does not reset the Toggle Group
No way to attach and mp4 file here :frowning:

thanks for reporting this - i’ll check out this issue today

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Do you know if this happened to be on Bank 18 where the bank was pasted?

Yes it was when pasting a copy of bank 18 in bank 27.
How do you get this ? :thinking:

Ok I found the bug and fixed it. Will release a new firmware in a bit - hopefully this resolves the data dump issue as well. Do let me know if otherwise.

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Ok the firmware has been uploaded, do let me know if you face any more issues, thanks!

@james there are still problems in copy after installing your last firmware and updating the editor app.
The bank name is not copied and some presets loose their name.
All presets after preset P get the values of P.
Expressions presets 1,2,3,4 are just empty, nothing copied.
After the bank copy the editor is frozen, I need to unplug/replug usb.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes I just tested and it seems like there is a problem when copying from Bank 18. Other banks are fine. Looking into it now.

New firmware uploaded! Earlier I fixed copying from other banks to Bank 18, but didn’t know copying from Bank 18 to other banks also had an issue. Do give it a go and let me know if you continue to face any issues

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It seems ok now.
have you read my previous test results ?

  • May be a default value of 1 for Utility->Set Counter values-> Decrease or Increase should be easier than zero, and less error prone
  • Utility menu confusing because on 2 levels, may be the higher level which is not a message type could be renamed in Misc ?
    Or/And a new message type named Counters added (which I would prefer) with all Counter related inside it.
  • the ‘Only’ text after Increase/Decrease/Reset/Update no more necessary inside all actions in Utility related to Counters.

I am now transfering all the new API in my configs and so doing tests.

Thanks for the update!

Ok, I agree with 1, 2 and 4 which I have changed.